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3D & Concept Art '19

3D & Concept Art '19

Davy Rühl
by davyruhl on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Ever since working with 3D I have just been wanting to make and develop worlds and characters for within those worlds, here are some of my hard surface works with a lot of stylization going on and a Character sculpt for a 3D challenge.

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Rev-GR is a scouting-type ravager robot from the Ruhler Empire, it is equipped with a 2-Stroke engine so it’s Light and Agile made for tracking, hunting and Scouting. You can recognize it’s nearby by the screeching high noise that the engine makes.

My first fully rigged robot character! Even though its a simple rig I had a lot of fun making this character. From designing till rendering it was a very enjoyable but challenging process.

The initial design of the robot had a lot of scrap materials welded to itself so it looked a lot bulkier in the first few sketches, through the process the robot became thinner especially when I realized I wanted it to have a 'dirt-bike' feeling to it with a 2 stroke engine: a bright high speed fragile robot.

The Aircrafter

A very big prop I've assembled over 4 weeks and a total process over the past 8 weeks. It was a great project to work on with 8 other artists where we made a scene in the theme 'ROARING 20's'. We made this small story of an engineer that made a plane in his apartment and broke the floor above him to be able to finish his creation.

For this design phase I tried to research realistic color schemes and how/where they placed certain colors and symbols related to the time period, some of these are not related to 1920 and come from a later period but I still wanted to consider them due to their clear visuals. 

#3dBustChallenge Beetle character

My Entry for the #3dBustChallenge hosted by Katia Bourykina, learned an enormous amount throughout this challenge. This beetle is part of my Arcadia worldbuilding project on Artstation where a tribe of humanoid beetles live secluded from human life.

The conceptual piece below shows their cliffside houses that lead to their mines.

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