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Rookie Awards 2021 | Career Opportunities

Important Looking Pirates Finalists

Important Looking Pirates is looking for 3 x interns to join the team for 2-3 months of experience with their world-class team.

David Megías Fernández


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

I studied audiovisual comunication 8 years ago and i was working in differents companys as an audiovisual technician. Three years ago i realized that what i really want to do was work in the VFX industry. I was looking for a master and i found the VFX master with Houdini and Nuke at Animum Creativity Advance school. Now, after 21 months of hard work, im totally sure that im in the correct way. I know that my future is work as an FX artist.

Remy Vu


Belgium | ArtFX

Since my childhood, the digital world has never stopped impressing me. I'm always ready to provide hard work and improving my skills.


Spain | Gnomon School of VFX, Games, and Animation

While I was studying graphic design at university I started teaching myself Cinema4D which I found really fun, I experimented with all sorts of renders and third-party and I realized that what I enjoyed most is 3D FX and I wanted to learn more. That inspired me to learn Houdini so when I graduated from university I decided to travel to Hollywood to learn everything about FX, at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games, and Animation. Graduated from the 2-year Digital production VFX animation track


Spain | La Salle bcn

I've always loved visual effects, but when I watched the first movie of Transformers in the cinema I liked it so much I started to watch vfx breakdowns videos, thats when I knew I wanted to work as an effects artist.

Jules Darriulat


United Kingdom | Bournemouth University

When I was 10 playing with Warhammer figurines, reading the rule book with amazing illustrations and concepts in it.


Spain | Fx Animation School Barcelona

When I was a child it was already clear to me that I wanted to dedicate myself to creating elements that did not exist in reality. Magic effects, explosions, and anything I could imagine. So when I was old enough and had enough money I decided to study at a school ''specialise in visual effects for film and advertising''.


United States | School of Visual Arts

I became interested in the entertainment industry In high school when I took my first game design class using Adobe Flash. I attended School of Visual Arts major in Computer Arts, Computer Animation and VFX. I started learning Grooming in the sophomore year because I believe a groom makes a character look so much better. And after attending the SIGGRAPH Conference, I got introduced to Houdini and fell in love with simulations.


United Kingdom | Escape Studios

I'd say the day I realised that I wanted to do get into filmmaking was when I first watched Star Wars Episode 3 in the cinema. The visuals in that movie blew me away, I remember watching the opening space sequence and the fight with general grievous on the big screen. I'm still blown away by the quality of general grievous in that movie.



France | ARTFX Montpellier

When I was thirteen, my dad and I spent one day a week watching a movie together. I really enjoyed this and quickly came fascinated by the VFX. The "HOW DEY DO DAT" effect was really effective to me.

Sergi Iranzo Avalos


Spain | Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design

I always had interest in the creative process behind art and design; entertainment, etc. I started by studying sciences, but later, I realized I was loosing the flame, I didn't enjoy it anymore; so I switched to arts (thing I will never regret). With time, I understood that art was evolving within creative media and entertainment. Years still pass by and I enjoy what I study and its matters more and more. I want this to be my way of life.

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