The Rookies 2021, a Concept Design journey

The Rookies 2021, a Concept Design journey

Sergi Iranzo Avalos
by sergiranzo on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here you have a compilation of some of my work from this past year. A huge shoutout to all those who keep giving me reasons to learn ad push forward!

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Hello Everyone!

I want to start by saying that I hope this year is treating you all, at least, better than the last one. And also apologize in advance since you won't see a lot of process work due to a data loss I experienced recently...

Anyway, let's get to it, I hope you guys like it.

Let's start with the entry for this year’s Ubisoft NEXT challenge. It mainly consists of a docking bay in a middle of a ring made out of electric clouds. I imgained that could be a source of energy; it would spin around collecting some of that electricity used to power the facility.

Following, a world building project: Redesign of the Hell Boy IP; Hell Boy in Meiji Japan. 

Below, you can see Ideation and exploration for the main character; armors, "demon form", etc.

Some other iterations for the fist alongside a couple of frames from the teaser (under development...).

Hover Vehicles: since porcelain was a material introduced in some NPCs, I thought I'd be a fun Idea to expand that throughout the world. I also took a lot of inspiration from beetles and crustaceans (quite a thing in Japan)

And finally, ended up playing a bit with Movie posters (still under development). I did experiment with graphic design as you can see from the vehicle renders above...

One of many creature concepts from this 2020, a "pocketed" amphibian. The Idea of this particular project, was to learn some texturing techniques.

Some storyboards for a car commercial. Fun thing, out of the ordinary...

I have also been trying to implement new workflows, programs, learn photobashing techniques, etc.

Learning some basic modelling and texturing. LOTS OF FUN, All in Blender.

Overall, quite a journey. Although these past years have been a crazy rollercoaster, I am happy I managed to learn what I learned and get to where I am today.

Thanks, and a huge toast to everybody who's keeping it up! See you all next year!

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