ILP Internship FX TD

ILP Internship FX TD

by DaikFX on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi ! I'm Yolan GAILLARD, 3rd year student at ArtFX, and I would love to do my internship at ILP. I hope you'll have a great time looking at this entry.

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Hi ! My name is Yolan GAILLARD, I'm a 3rd year student at ArtFX Montpellier in France, and I'd really like to have the chance to be appart of the ILP Internship adventure this year !

I will start by presenting my reel, and then elaborate a bit further for each project. I hope you will have a great time looking at my entry !


Rebelway FX Challenge - The Red Moon 

This challenge was a really great opportunity to me. Before the end of the year, as the third year in our school is still pretty generalist, we did not have much classes on how to create FX. So when this contest appeared on TheRookie's page, I took that as a realy chance to experience a lot of stuff. 

I transformed this scene into an actual playground where I would try anything whenever I felt like it, and at a certain point it started ressembling more and more at an actual project. So I decided to render this, but as I would have access to only a single computer to do so, aka my main computer, I decided to go for an oversimplified lighting.

I was able to try out tons of different stuff, for example the RBD sim at the very beginning was my very first attempt at RBD's. I had to watch a lot of tutorials to get the look I wanted, but it was worth it ! I'm really happy with the final look of this project, due to the fact that I never really thought it would be one.

CG Integration - Dancing Dollars

This project was a compositing class exercise, where we had to integrate a Mixamo animated character into a video. I finished a little early so I decided to push it a little bit further. I wanted to give a shot to vellum, as I never did any before.

 This was also my very first time where one of my Houdini project actually made it to the final render ! I started playing more and more with Mantra after that, and I'm looking forward to learn using other renderers. 


This project was done with a friend of mine from school, which did pretty much everything except the live footage and the fire. The Car is rendered in Arnold, and the fire in Mantra.

Through the project, we started having a few issues with the scale of the fire. So I created a little HDA to permit an easier sourcing, so that I would not have to change every animation by hand every single time. This permitted to do quick retakes and lots of different iterations with different scales in very few time, and saved both of us a lot of time. 

A10 Rampage

This was an other class project where we had to integrate a CG element into a live footage shot. The main difference with the "Dancing Dollars" project was that here, we had to recreate a camera movement thanks to camera mapping. There was a lot of back and forth between Maya, Nuke, and Houdini.

The main issue I ran into while doing this exercise was that I needed to create a shockwave around the explosion, and to do so I had to create a velocity field that went inward the geometry. So I got help from a friend of mine that is in 5th year of math studies, that explained to me the different technics used in math to reproject a vector field on a geometry. I then had to translate the maths he explained to me into Houdini. I had a hard time but I eventually got to a result I was happy with.


This project was done in collaboration with Jacques SAUPIN a student at ArtFX and a good friend of mine. He did everything except the FX. 

For this project, I new from the beginning that I would get the final modelisation and animation only a few weeks before the deadline, so I had to create a set up that would quickly work when I'd plus the actual animation.

So I started working on animated spheres to create the dusty/smokey effect that follows the Podracer. That way,  we saved a lot of time because we've been able to do retakes about the shape and behaviour of the smoke while he was still modeling the podracer. 

When I got the final animation and ground, I scaled everything to approximately real proportions, and rayed the sources to the ground. I had an issue with the ship going way too fast, so I used a TimeWarp to divide by 4 the speed of the animation. I then exported the smoke sim as VDB's and everything was rendered in Clarisse.

I hope you had a great time taking a look at this entry.

I know it was long, but as this is the only contact I will have with you I would really like you to have the more information as possible. 

Have a great day ! 


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