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2D Concept Art Finalists

This category is for all the 2D Concept Artists out there who love nothing more than bringing characters and objects to life.

Daniela Naumovski


Australia | CDW Studios

I realised I wanted to work in the games industry when I had a passion for creating art but also playing video games. I want to create immersive art for players to be part of and tell stories through characters and creatures.

Anja Regnery


New Zealand

I started to draw after I saw the drawings of amazing Alan Lee for the Lord of the Rings films back in 2001. I am passionate in my craft and draw every day, developing my understanding of nature and the world in general trough pen, paper and wacom pro tablet. Aaron Blaise's animated films inspired me, which is why I started to learn 2d animation.



When i was first introduced to Films and Games

Victor Manuel Pineda Mira



after graduating from highschool i got into an engineer in which I explored multiple stages of the creation of videogames and animations, after 3 years of doing lots of creative projects i found that the part that I enjoyed the most, was the 2d side of preproduction, at that moment I decided that i wanted to live as a concept artist but then I got a 3d sculpt class with one of those teachers that love what they do and know what they do , and I decided that I wanted to incorporate that.

Nadia de Waal


Netherlands | NHTV Breda / Buas

About four years ago I found out about universities that could teach me the ins and outs of creative media and game technologies. Since I already loved creating art of all sorts but never wanted to just go to art school this sounded great to me. Being able to work for movie or game companies turned out to be the goal I needed to pursue a career in creative media and I have not regretted my choice. I enjoy creating creatures and drawing animals most and hope to keep doing so in my future career.

Patrick French


Australia | Griffith University

I realised I wanted to work in the creative industry while teaching and hiking through Nepal where I picked up a pen for the first in a long time with the sheer joy of drawing what surrounded me. I drew for a month straight daily and for hours and haven't looked back.

A.Murthada Fadli M


Indonesia | Semarang State University

I was studying art from very beginning, when i was a kid, and i enjoying every single things when i make a new thing, and when i was in Junior highschool i started to make my own personal project, even its not good enough to see, but it makes my art experience developed. I have done a few project from industry, comic, illustration and character design for game projects and graphic novels when i'm in university. And i started to develop my art education and skill again to be a pro artist.

Octavio Sebastián



I've had an instict to draw since I was born, and I used to imagine and create these complex fantasy worlds in my head all the time, but I realized that I want to become a part of the entertainment industry after I graduated from architecture school, it was right then that my head made a click.

CAVE Academy