Monster Challenge - Creature Mashup
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Monster Challenge - Creature Mashup

Daniela Naumovski
by danielanaumovski on 20 Feb 2020 for Monster Challenge

Challenging myself and stepping outside my comfort zone by creating a monster mash-up involving different animal structures into one.

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Update - 7 Mar 2020

Head Busts

Experimenting with different head bust designs. I wanted to make them different just in case i changed my mind of a rocky look from it's body. I definitely had a soft spot for big sharp teeth.

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Update - 29 Feb 2020

Final Silhouette Designs

Once I have chosen a final silhouette design, my next step was to concept some further sketch design for the overall appearance of the creature. I was a bit lost on what to do so took a chance to sketch random body parts. I was mostly drawn to the lizards scales and a rock like surface back. 

Update - 22 Feb 2020

Silhouette Exploration Concepts

Using real-life animal references, I wanted to explore the creatures overall body shape and play around with different body features. I also wanted to keep in mind how the creature is able to function while maintaining a clear body structure. Particularly, I was drawn to either sleek, muscly and claw hind legs or legs with hooves.

Update - 20 Feb 2020

Monster Mashup References

A collection of reference images that I found interesting and fascinating. In addition, I wanted to challenge myself by finding different animal textures, proportions and movement to somehow create into one creature. 

Small annotation notes that will help me narrow down to what I exactly want to include in my design concepts. Particularly, different elements such as spikes, scales, and big arms caught my interest as they also provide a clear silhouette.