The Perfect Man
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The Perfect Man

Patrick French
by patrickfrench96 on 5 Mar 2020 for Monster Challenge

As Dr Frankenstein made his goal to develop the perfect man, he saw the many imperfections that humans were made to work through; Mentally we were above all, but physically we had many shortcomings. Thus, in a spark of genius the good doctor transplanted the consciousness of his son into what can only be called a beast

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Update - 5 Mar 2020

I saw this Frankenstein’s Monster challenge from the unique standpoint of creating the perfect being - this stems from theories as early back as deific representation and Christian beliefs, to modern day technology, eugenics, gene splicing, and DNA tampering in babies, all the way to pop culture such as Gattaca (focused entirely around this concept) or more mainstream choices like Captain America who is a “normal” person that through medicine reached peak physical condition.

Thus I pictured our Frankenstein as the veterinarian at a zoo that aimed to create the perfect predator, a vicious monkey-like beast (mixed with a few other traits) with the mind of a killer - blood-thirsty and maniacal.

On top of this, I wanted to include a small nod to previous incarnations in the concept - this was achieved with the spikes in the arms. In the canon of my story, it was a way to force electricity into the body jump starting the heart; conceptually, I wanted to replicate Jesus on the cross. This was to mimic how Dr Frankenstein saw his creation as the perfect man and also mimics the themes through many of the topics mentioned above where man plays God

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