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Victor Manuel Pineda Mira
by VictorPineda on 3 Mar 2020 for Monster Challenge

Frankenstein, animals, zoo veterinarian, this will be fun, hope you enjoy my concept and its process

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Update - 11 Mar 2020

Final  2D concept for this challenge, tried new stuff and learned a lot , had lots of fun  and hope everyone enjoyed this challenge, see you on another drawings.

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Update - 11 Mar 2020

proces for the final image

Working with layers, after this, there is just rendering left to be done, and after that, some more layers to make the rendering cooler

Update - 6 Mar 2020

here are some silhouettes and concepts for the character, liked some elements from each one so I will mix some of them for the final character

Update - 3 Mar 2020

explored some versions, and liked the humanoid with oversized limbs, but who knows, gonna explore more digitally later, now the ball is rolling

Update - 3 Mar 2020

hellos everyone, here is the forst part of my entry, I went nuts and tried to have lots of animals for references and tried to made this frankestein a mix of many of them, also took some references from other artist and other series, love Dune and remembered Leto II in his sandworm form also added some drawongs from Karl Kopinski , Frank Frazetta and Brom.