Frankenstein's monster
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Frankenstein's monster

Nadia de Waal
by interfectorfactory on 3 Mar 2020 for Monster Challenge

I only found out about the contest at the beginning of March but hoped to put something in anyways. Let's see how far I get in the limited time!

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Update - 9 Mar 2020

For the final step I decided to colour the piece, I have too little time left to do a bunch of sketches and explore the range of motion of the creature properly. In the end I think I managed to create quite the unnerving design for Frankenstein's monster within a short amount of time and I am quite happy with what I managed to achieve.  Constructive criticism is always welcome!  

The  light blue organs that bulge through the skin hold immunosuppressants. Since the monster is put together with parts many different "donors" there's a lot of clashing between different types of blood and cells which would not go well for very long without suppressing the immune systems. 

The rods sticking out of the fur on the neck can deliver a powerful shock, though that is not their intended design; if the creature were to run out of power it can be recharged through these. 

When attacking it will use it's stronger front limbs and teeth to rip and tear it's enemies apart. For more delicate jobs it will use the shorter, more human arms. It's running gate is much like that of a hyena.  

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Update - 8 Mar 2020

With the help of more feedback I chose some designs I thought were good and well-liked by my audience and set to work on a more finalized design. I used zbrush to get an idea of the creature in 3D space and used that to set up a first lineart.  I then added shadow and light to bulk it out and show the first hints of texture and colour difference. Next up is making some sketches of this creature in action and from different angles and colouring a final render. 

Update - 6 Mar 2020

After asking several people for feedback on my first sketches I picked out some of the designs and iterated upon them. My next step is again asking for more feedback and opinions. I already personally think number 3 is too sci-fi for what this project is aiming for. The second set of smaller, more human arms seems well-liked by the people I've asked and I like it myself as well so that might very well end up in the final design. 

Update - 5 Mar 2020

Some first exploratory sketches, I'll be asking feedback from many different people at this stage to see what stands out to them, what is liked and what isn't etc. Based on that I'll make a few picks that I will continue to iterate upon.

Update - 3 Mar 2020