Substance Texturing Challenge - Eddie Robot | 3D Texturing

3D Texturing

Our first texturing challenge requires you to texture Eddie - an amazing 3D robot created by Paul Braddock, using the latest release of Substance Painter.

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Giuseppe Campanella - 1$ HUGS


I imagine a sparsely populated future where social connections are very weak and you're gonna have to pay to get some affection.
And that's when Eddie comes in: it's a machine that allows you to pay to receive a hug. It's a "1$ HUGS" robot.

Runner up

Álvaro Ródenas Fernández - Vintage Porcelain Automaton

Vintage Porcelain Automaton

Final Renders

Highly Commended

- - Eddie - Messiah Complex

Eddie - Messiah Complex

Project Complete 6/10/20

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Category Brief

Looking to push your texturing skills and even have a crack at Substance Painter? Well, this is chance and we have an incredible asset ready for you to download and start playing with right away.

Eddie is the creation of Paul Braddock, a talented artist currently working at Industrial Light & Magic. Paul has been employed as a VFX artist for over 15 years and has worked on his fair share of epic feature films. Eddie also comes as an unpainted Resin Kit with LED lighting which is totally worth checking out.

Important Dates

  • Open for submission 7th September 2020
  • Entries close 7th October 2020.
  • Winners announced 14th October 2020.
  • Dates mentioned are at 11:59 pm on the date in question.
  • All dates are based on GMT.


No modifications are allowed to the provided model.

This is a Play-by-Play contest. Entrants need to share their progress by adding multiple updates to your entry page, similar to how a forum discussion works. Learn more about Play-by-Play contests in our Helpdesk.

We want you to create an entry page that shares your entire process from beginning through to final work. As a result, entries that only upload a single update will not be considered.


Please include 2 x Iray® renders using the cameras included in the ‘Eddie’ project. The cameras are named Cam_Front and Cam_3quarterLF. Your renders should be a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Additional renders can be included in addition to the required renders.

How to Enter

  • Get Substance Painter. A free trial version of Substance Painter will cover the length of the contest.
  • Get Eddie model. Cameras are included in the .fbx file for your final renders.
  • Texture Eddie with Substance Painter. The design brief is wide open and only limited by your imagination.
  • Share your progress and update entry multiple times.
  • Upload final renderings in your last update.
3D Texturing
3D Texturing
3D Texturing