Eddie Robot!
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Eddie Robot!

Here goes my process for Eddie's texturing. It was very fun and I really got to learn a lot about Painter and it's amazing procedural features. Not to mention I discovered incredible setups I had no idea about. Super grateful for this opportunity! Thanks to the Rookies and everyone participating in this challenge!

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Update - 7 Oct 2020

My final renders for Eddie. I brought in the contrast and changed my materials for the paint. Went for a gradient in the colors and added some subtle line pattern in the paint to bring a small vibration to it. 

Another big change was my normals, I decided to change some ventilation orifices and instead added emissive elements to make Eddie user friendly. Honestly I just think of Eddie as a toy, probably the kind of gadget you can setup to be your assistant (Eddie tell Alexa to go away and never come back) and so I wanted to add touch screens for him to be accessible  and user friendly.

Finally, I added a little tribute to the bands I listened heavily while working on this project. Following my desire of having Eddie representing a little of a punk/ grunge personality.

(I don't own the copyrights to any of these logos and I did not create any of these. All the rights go to these bands and this is just an educational challenge, I am not making any profit out of this project)

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Update - 7 Oct 2020

First pass at texturing Eddie. I laid out my idea of what the colors would be , I was looking for a complimentary contrast, cyan and orange. However, I realized I wasn't really getting the look I wanted. His overall look was very metal like, I wanted to have an evident painted layer that was starting to peel off. And I wanted it to be as those culinary tools we can see on stores,  very colorful and shiny but with a metal material as base.   

Another thing that came to my mind was the fact that the damages needed to be intentional. I got some feedback and that really brought me to the realization that some parts of Eddie's scratches didn't make much sense. 

However this was a good start to understand what needed to be improved. I needed more color, more contrast, intentional damage!

This crappy image is my little vision board for the mood I wanted. for Eddie. Some of the elements that were on the back of my mind. I find it quite funny that Kitchen Aids and Punk were good together in my thinking for Eddie's development.

Update - 7 Oct 2020

For my first entry on this contest I wanted to share what I like to call , the experimentation phase. First I took Eddie's model and let myself get lost with the model in order to get an idea of where I want the whole project to go. The geometry couldn't be modified but this experiment really helped me to understand Eddie's edge-flow and the layout of the general UVs.

What I decided from this stage was that I wanted to stick with simple geometrical forms; I wanted him to resemble some kind of cute but scratchy companion and so, keeping the normals geometrical and simple would convey my idea efficiently.