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egyptian eddie

This is Eddie, inspired by egypt and their pharaohs.

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Update - 6 Oct 2020

After taking a day off from Eddie, I was able to see the remaining bugs and made small changes.

I've added scratches on his hands and feet, and added faded paint on the joints of his arms. I repaired a small bump on the eye and added several deeper scratches on the stomach. I also worked the bandages on the legs a little bit more out.

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Update - 3 Oct 2020

I painted the legs and added some Hieroglyphics. i accepted a suggestion for improvement and stuck to my chosen color scheme, whereupon i changed the container on the back from silver to blue. I have colored the curves on the arms darker. actually i only added teeth for fun, but because they made him look so funny, i kept them. I think they give him a very special character.

Update - 2 Oct 2020

I added hieroglyphics to give it a mystical feel. I also added dust because he's in the desert. his arms are wrapped in the thinnest places to look more like a mummy. I also added a crack in his eye, because he may have been walking through the desert for a long time.

Update - 1 Oct 2020

I've added some details that are typical of mummified Egyptian pharaohs, like the chain, blue stripes and the woman with the wings. 

Update - 1 Oct 2020

This is Eddie, inspired by Egypt and their pharaohs. Work in Progress 

This is my second day learning substance painter. I think I've made great strides in this area.

This are the pictures from where i got my inspiration. 

But the idea came while watching a national geographic documentation about the pharaohs.