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Wasteland Eddie

Wasteland Eddie is a Science Robot that was created to assist in the study of biological life. Soon after his creation, the world was engulfed by a blizzard that marked the beginning of a new ice age. The majority of humanity didn't survive. Now Eddie wanders the Earth, not studying, but searching for any sign of life.

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Update - 6 Oct 2020

Wasteland Eddie is complete! In my final update, I used a mask generator to cover him in ice and snow and enabled micro height detail to include the height/displacement maps I had painted (belt, scarf, etc.). I also gave him some bolts, screws and straps on his ear things. Below are all the additional renders I had time to complete. Thanks for checking out my entry!

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Update - 5 Oct 2020

Wasteland Eddie has eyes! Since there is no animation or posing allowed for this contest, I figured his eyes would really have to show his personality. And although he's seen better days, Eddie's a cheerful little guy and his spirits are high!

It was fun to work with different displacement levels to give the idea of overlapping mechanical parts inside of his eyes. I also gave him some goggles to make him look like more of a scientist / explorer.  

Process Breakdown

He has a variety of pupils, allowing for him to express a range of emotions.

Since Wasteland Eddie has been wandering through a never ending blizzard, next, I plan on covering him in ice and snow.

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Update - 4 Oct 2020

Over the past few days I've given Eddie some gloves, shoes, added height detail in his joints, decided on his paint color and used a few mask generators for rust and paint wear.

I figured giving Eddie some more clothing would add a bit to his personality and help bring him to life. For his gloves, I used a fabric material and painted a mask around the fingers to make them look old and torn. I used displacement for the fur around his wrists and ankles. (The fur looks better when rendered - these are all just screenshots)

The displacement setting I found worked best for this are -- Displacement Scale: 0.06 / Subdivision Count: 10

I also added a few stickers / decals in a number of places

Here are some quick screenshots of the base color, roughness, metallic, normal, height and displacement maps.

Next I'll focus on his eyes. I think they'll probably be the best way to give him a sense of personality, so I'll need to make sure I have enough time to get them right.

Update - 30 Sep 2020

I wanted to start this update by setting the tone for the world that Wasteland Eddie calls home, as well as providing a backstory for him. I've gathered some concept art of people and places that might exist in this world.

( Artwork by: Sergey Grechanyuk, Giorgio Baroni, Sebastien Hue (shue13), Robin Tran, Didier Nguyen, Joshua Moy, Thu Berchs )

Wasteland Eddie is a one of a kind Biological Science Robot and was created by a lone engineer and scientist to assist in the study of biological life. However, soon after his creation, the world was engulfed by a blizzard that marked the beginning of a new ice age. Eddie's creator, along with the majority of humanity, did not survive. Now Eddie wanders the Earth, not studying, but searching for any signs of life.

Progress so far...

I started by giving Eddie a scarf to help fight off the cold and a belt to store tools and other things he might need on his adventures.

height and displacement maps

I began creating the scarf by painting a height and displacement layer and smoothing it with a horizontal blur filter.

Then I added one of Painter's default fabric materials, created a few masks to alter the angle of the fabrics and added the little dangly things on the end of the scarf.

Finally I added some fabric clumps, wear and tear and added a striped design using the same masks I made for the varying fabric directions.

A closer look at the height and displacement along with the base color and normal maps.

I followed the same process for the belt and pouches, but increased the displacement quite a bit.

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Update - 29 Sep 2020

Hello! It seems I'm getting a late start, but late is better than never!

I've seen a lot of great entries so far that have inspired me to progress my knowledge of Substance Painter over the next week. I hope to use this contest as a way to experiment with displacement maps and to try out the new painting across UVs feature.

I've been thinking I want my version of Eddie to be a survivor in a snowy wasteland. I've recently been looking at a lot of the concept art from the game Wasteland 3 and I'm excited to make Eddie appear to be from a similar world.  Maybe some boots or gloves, and some kind of helmet? I'm not totally sure yet, but can't wait to get started.

In my next post, I'll include my progress as well as some concept art to help illustrate the world in which Wasteland Eddie lives.