History Of a Time Past
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History Of a Time Past

Final_Uploads_A relic of times past.

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Update - 7 Oct 2020

Final Uploads

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Update - 6 Oct 2020

So, we're almost there, I'm going to upload some screenshots I made last night. 

Other than that, I've worked on the rust and the moss that are going to cover most of poor Eddie's body, but I think that at this point I'm going to show them directly on the final uploads.

Update - 5 Oct 2020

So, it's me again!

I was thinking about how to convey the feeling of emptiness and forgetfulness through Eddie's eyes (yeah, I'm a sad person, but whatever) and I decided to go for "broken glass with nothing inside" path. I'm considering eyelids, but I'll probably end up not having them.

I've created the alphas and played along with it.

Update - 5 Oct 2020

I've worked on the placement of the engravings on Eddie's body. 

I've used dates, initials, sentences and words that would immediatly make us think of important events in the history of the human race.

Update - 4 Oct 2020

Here's an update with the metal material I created that will serve as the base for the overall body.

Eddie's chest is probably going to be the focal point of the concept I have in my mind, because that's where most of the engravings are going to be placed.

I created the alphas I need, in the next image, there are some of them.

I'm going to upload more updates in the next few hours, stay tuned! 

Update - 2 Oct 2020

Hey there, I may be a little late, but I decided to try and partecipate either way. For my first WIP here there are some references I've gathered, concerning the environment I've pictured Eddie to be in and the overall mood I strive to achieve, along with the materials and the basic concept I've envisioned.


While operative, Eddie had the job to preserve data of important historical events. He was The Archive. After a malfunctioning, though, he remained unused and was then abandoned. When he was starting to understand he was losing his memory, aware that he was losing his identity along with it, he decided to engrave some of the most important data onto his body. Decades later, in an empty factory, he's broken, rusty and forgotten. A relic of times past.