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Academy Of Animation | Visual Effects | Arts & Game

Side Academy equips students for careers in digital production across film, television, advertising, and video games. Situated in the inspiring Villa Gazzola in Verona, our courses have empowered numerous students to lead significant projects for renowned brands such as Disney, Marvel, and DC Comics. Since 2019, we've introduced three-year programs, fostering a more productive learning environment. Collaborations with CGI industry experts enable students to simulate real-world tasks and projects, preparing them for the professional challenges ahead. Studying at Side Academy means gaining both theoretical and practical insights from top-notch professionals and faculty. It's about constructing your professional identity for a successful career and pursuing lifelong learning through our on-site and online programs, guided by a distinguished global teaching staff.

Countries: Italy

Location: Online Campus

Industries: 3D Animation Visual Effects Game Design & Development Concept Art & Illustration

Software: Autodesk Maya Houdini Nuke Unreal Engine ZBrush

Programs: Bachelor Masters


Alice Vescio
Filippo Ferrarini


3 year Bachelors Degree (online/campus)

Possible paths are: CGI & Game Art, Filmmaking and Animation, Videogame & Metaverse (Code Based).

The three-year Side Academy is dedicated to all graduate and undergraduate students. All those enrolled, after a first year in common, following aptitude interviews with tutors and professors, will choose between two different paths their specialization in the second and third year. Courses are held in-person and online for those who are unable, due to physical or work-related issues, to take part in classroom classes.

Classes in the three-year program are limited in number to better ensure the quality of classes and projects developed during the course. An aptitude test, in the form of an interview, is provided prior to entry into the school in view of future academic commitments. No special artistic, technical or computer skills are required. During the first year of the course, students will develop skills as 3D generalists, learning how to handle real production simulations, basic software techniques, and knowledge of tools also used in large studios.

After the first twelve months then, following an interview with their mentors and teachers, they will be directed to one of the two internal specializations of Side Academy, depending on the abilities of each.

Students following the course will be trained in the creation of assets covering different areas of 3D production, focusing mainly on advanced modelling in Maya and sculpting in Zbrush. The Side FX software, Houdini, is the ideal implementation to learn procedural modelling, given its wide use in large-scale productions film productions and ‘AAA’ video games.

In the specialisation in Videogame & Metaverse, students will be catapulted into the world of Game Art, Game Design, Virtual Reality, scripting and programming. Explore software such as Unreal Engine, within which to create fantastic environments and animate their own characters, learning the intricacies of game development, scripting and programming, will lead the students to try their hand at the actual creation of a video game, which will also be the final exam.

The Filmmaking & Metaverse specialisation will catapult all its specialisation into the world of video games: the creation of scenarios and settings, the creation and modelling of characters and creatures, through to animation and game programming are all aspects that will be explored in depth. will be explored in depth, enabling those enrolled, once they have graduated, to be able to take on any challenge presented by the video game industry. At the end of the three-year course, the goal is the successful completion of team projects and the creation of a own Demo Reel, as well as a Real-time setting within the Unreal engine. A comprehensive knowledge of the film and animation industry, which will be plumbed in every detail.

The technical and artistic skills acquired will enable students to pursue careers in any sector of the entertainment industry: videogames, film and vfx, advertising, architecture and design.

Over the course of the two years, students will be required to curate various projects such as: 10-second Shot/Cinematics, short cartoon film, game reel with environment development, character, props hard surface and animation to be developed in the 3rd year. From storyboarding to making the first assets, all participants will learn new skills, including on teamwork and the importance of closing their task on time.

1-year Masters Degree

The 1-year MASTER is dedicated to those who want to start a career as a 3d Artist in film, video game, advertising and visual effects. The training course is designed to enable students to learn how to handle real production simulations with a good didactic dose. The tools and techniques taught allow those who have absolutely no familiarity with drawing and the software used, the creation of animations, concepts, digital paint, vfx and 3D assets, starting completely from scratch, thus without any basic knowledge.

For students finishing their studies in their 1- year master, job prospects orbit around the figure of the 3D Generalist. The 3D Generalist is a 3D Artist who has basic knowledge in the various main aspects of the CGI production pipeline.

Some of the main areas of study and development in the professional field are 3D Modelling, texturing character and creature sculpting, 3D modelling for the game, Character animation, Compositing and VFX, Game art.

The use of the best studio equipment such as: Wacom Cintiq tablets, EIZO monitors and Hp Z series workstations with Intel XEON processors chart a course for students already projected into future work. They are also implementing the use in workflows of the academy projects the use of Motion Capture and of the 3D Scanner for the production of hyper-realistic assets.

Side Academy provides its students with the best technologies and the most advanced software, also used in the film and video game industry. From Unreal to Houdini, from Zbrush to Maya, the technologies made available to our students can be found in the best production studios. can be found in the best international production studios. The students therefore have the opportunity to develop their own projects using the latest technological releases and innovations.

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