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Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

Daisy Romero
by DaisyRomero on 9 Oct 2023

Here's the Pirates of the Caribbean inspired project I realized during the second year at Side Academy. This project won me two Golden Dragons at the Venice Film Festival for the Best Project and Best VFX.

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I started  with the planning of the whole project and with researching for all of the reference possible. I wanted to recreate the Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard's ship from pirates of the caribbean, and insert it in a foggy bay with a dark, creepy mood.

Then I started with the blocking to obtain the right proportions and shape.

After I made sure the proporions were correct I started adding the details in geometry.

When all the ship was completed it was time to put on a little lightset and start researching the right textures for the wood until I ended up with something satisfying, ruined enough to be credible but not too stained.

Then I went on with the rest of the main ship and all of the props.

After the texturing was done the only missing parts were the sails and the ropes. For the sails I started with simulating the open version of them on maya.

Then, since I was not fully convinced with the look, I switched on Marvellous Designer and I started simulating them to be closed.

When the Ship was ready I started assembling the environment. I used asset both created by me and scans. 

Last thing I did was simulating the ocean for the ship trail and for the beachwaves.

Lastly I rendered in Vray and composited everything in Nuke.

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