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Kristiania University College
Kristiania University College

Kristiania University College

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Our academic focus provides both a practical and academic approach.

The Visual Effects (VFX) Bachelor program at Kristiania University College - Westerdals Department of Film and Media, is Norway’s biggest VFX education. Focus is on compositing, VFX supervision and general VFX engineering built on a solid foundation of drawing, photography and colour. Run by some of Norway’s most senior and experienced VFX artists and supervisors, the program has a firm emphasis on being industry centric utilising tools, processes and methodology that students will encounter when they enter the industry as professional VFX artists. Students from the program has contributed to productions such as Game of Thrones, Watchmen, Star Trek Discovery, Lost in Space and Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Our BA program in VFX is part of an institute that also includes BAs in film, script writing, CG, game design and sound design. We also work closely with other institutes that provide BA programs for acting, music production, art direction and hair and makeup.

Countries: Norway

Location: Campus

Industries: 3D Animation Visual Effects

Software: 3d Substance Painter Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Autodesk Maya DaVinchi Resolve Houdini Megascans Mocha Nuke Quixel Unreal Engine

Programs: Degree


Sondre Fagerborg
Jonas Kalvåg Hære
Sean Brian Rowlands


Our courses centre around digital design and creative technologies, with a focus on The Bachelor Program is built on a solid understanding of the traditional principles within Art and Film. Head of Visual Effects, Hans Gunnar Brekke, brought with him this methodology from working for many years with VFX legend Phil Tippett in California. In the first year students learn to observe by going through the Foundation Track where they learn perspective and storyboarding in drawing classes. They have Color&Design where they gain a solid understanding of colors and the characteristics of light&shadow. In Photography they learn composition and traditional lighting and in Cinematography they learn film making techniques taught by professional DP’s.

The students proceed with the VFX Track and Production Track. In the VFX track students learn compositing and CG. In the Production Track they practice everything they learned in the VFX and Foundagion tracks by doing productions that increase in scope and complexity. The production track starts already in the first semester when students do a small production and take it from script to a finished film sequence. Students go through pre-production phase where they look at storyboards and do a vfx breakdown. After filming they finalize the sequence together with the rest of your class in post-production. By doing so they gain experience in working on a realistic production where they need to take into account shot-continuity and to get comments in Shotgun from a VFX supervisor.

In the second and third years students participate in projects progressively increasing both in scope and complexity, often in collaboration with other Bachelor programs such as Film and TV, Acting, 3D and Hair and Makeup. During this period, students develop both technically and artistically to become a sought after VFX artist.

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Kristiania University College
Kristiania University College


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