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Photorealism project: The andalusian stallion

Photorealism project: The andalusian stallion

by Valiera on 31 Jan 2024

high-quality Zbrush sculpt featuring a horse in collected canter.

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Photorealism project: Andalusian 

My recent project, an intricately detailed model of an Andalusian stallion in collected canter, stands as a testament to this fusion of art and knowledge. As an equestrian with a lifelong dedication to horse riding and an intimate understanding of equine anatomy, I embarked on a journey to push the boundaries of realism in digital sculpture.

Utilizing ZBrush, a leading digital sculpting tool, I have meticulously crafted this model, drawing from a wealth of personal experience and a variety of internet resources to ensure anatomical precision and dynamic accuracy. The project, featuring about a million vertices, is not just a showcase of technical prowess but also a homage to the grace and power of the Andalusian breed, renowned for its poise and agility.

This endeavor goes beyond mere replication; it's an exploration into the art of movement, capturing the essence of a cantering horse – a gait characterized by rhythm and balance. The challenge was to freeze a moment in time, encapsulating the fluidity in the mane, and also maintaining the muscular definition and physicality unique to the Andalusian stallion.

As a piece submitted for The Rookies, this project aims to resonate with both aficionados of equestrianism and connoisseurs of 3D modeling, illustrating how deep-seated passion can translate into a captivating digital representation.

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