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Tall alien creature

Tall alien creature

Jan Martin Daviknes
by jandav on 31 Aug 2023

CG integration project

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This is a passion project i worked on last year. I designed the creature myself. I started the design approximately two years ago but these images show how far I got. I picked up the project september 2022, and used the model which was essentially just a basemesh. I developed it over a month. Here is some of the process and design changes:

The sculpting takes a lot of time when you are designing at the same time, and I also found it quite difficult to define anatomy of a creature that doesn't exist. This is why references was very important for this project. Here is my mood board showing different references I used for anatomy and details:

Here is part of my texturing process. In substance painter I baked normal maps, but in the end result I rendered with displacement maps from zbrush.

For the next part of this project was the integration into the liveaction plate. This was part of a school assignment in our 3D for vfx course. Our task was simply to chose a model and integrate it into a live action plate. So I went out with a classmate and filmed the plate with the schools equiment and took an hdri. I was very unexperienced with the process and I learned alot. We had to go back out multiple times to reshoot because of different issues. 

The match moving was quite difficult to get right. I used syntheyes and even did many manual trackers but still struggled with the alignment of the perspective, aswell as getting the model to stick. 

Since I took hdri the lighting was alot easier, especially since it was overcast, therefore the matchgrading process in the compositing part was easy.

Animation test:

All aspects by me

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