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Sean Brian Rowlands's Autumn 2023 Compositing Showreel

Sean Brian Rowlands's Autumn 2023 Compositing Showreel

Sean Brian Rowlands
by SeanBrian on 10 Dec 2023

In this compositing showreel, I am showcasing you my latest VFX-works from this semester.

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Sean Brian Rowlands Compositing showreel, showcasing his 3rd semester work at Kristiania University College!

This reel showcases these works:

1: CG-integration into Live action
In this shot I shot the plate myself, tracked in syntheyes, made textures and fixed skinning (from mixamo rigging) on ​​the model and integrated it into the shot with compositing in Nuke.

2: Keying & Wire Removal on a film-clip provided by the film "Skjelvet (2018)"
In this shot I had complete freedom to make a BG of my choice, and then integrate the plate into the BG.
The shot needed both wire-removal, keying, 3D-projected BG, and integration to make the shot work in it's entirety.

3: Character integration in a known film-scene, as part of "VFX-Production 2", at Kristiania University College
In this shot I was both on set as a VFX-sup, and also a compositor, where the goal was to add an character into the scene and make it seamless and invisible to the original shot. This shot included a lot of keying and edge-adjustments to blend in the actor into the shot. The rotoscoping here was provided by someone in class.

4: CG-integration into a self-made BG  "Stranger Things"
In this shot I had to find and adjust a BG from scratch, to make it fit my vision. The robot and 3D-track was already provided to us by Kristiania University College, so our goal here was to composite and create something new from the provided render.
The idea here was to try and create a Stranger Things-esque landscape, in which the robot would walk in. This required a lot of BG-projections, retexturing, relighting, particle simulations to make the shot work.
For the particle-simulation I used Nuke to simulate leaves falling from the BG trees, both from the back and front onto the robot, but also another simulation from left to right.

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