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I have started doing small video edits when I was about 12, after seeing the first Avengers movie. I was amazed at what I saw and I immediately wanted to learn how effects like the ones we see in the movie are achieved. I started with lightsabers, making them with LS Saber and later on After Effects. I grew confident enough to seriously start 3D in 2020. I then joined VFX-Workshop in 2021.

I started to get interested in art during my medical studies in anatomy class, I first got interested in the world of video games, which naturally led to 3d and vfx.

Raised by huge movie watcher parents, I attended an audiovisual option in high school as hobby, but then I understood that i wanted to learn, create and share ideas and projets my whole life. Nothing more important exist for me than loving what I do every day, this is for what I work hard and fight for. The creative media and entertainment industry was an obvious choice after years of search about my objectives and interest in life.

Hello! Welcome to my Portfolio website! My name is Nizar Zoubir and i'm 23 years old. I'm a big tech fan, especially about the CGI/VFX Industry. Since like many others, I always liked watching movies and playing video games, and I've embarked myself on the quest of becoming a VFX artist. I'm currently at my last year of education at VFX Workshop in Paris, and I'm looking for an internship/job after my graduation.

I was seeing movies wondering how they were doing the magic in my eyes happen, I tried a bit own my own and I understood that you could do everything. I knew i wanted to do vfx.

I Started 3D as a hobby and then wanted to convert this Passion into a Job

When I was 16 years old, I realized that I was in love with movies, then I decided to work in the Cinema Industry. I searched which part of the process was suited for me, and i found VFX. After one year at Vfx-Workshop, it's 2020 today, I'm sure about what I want to do, and it's CG hair and fur. It's really interesting how nature works and why does hair or fur grow a certain way.

Back when I was in college, I started to look at 3d car models used in ads. At the same time I discovered softwares like Blender. The grey uniform screen appeared like infinite possibility to me.

Since I was about 11 years old, I wanted to link art and technology. At first, I thought of becoming an architect, such is the dream of many young people when they do not yet know many trades. In high school, I was more interested in image, so I turned to applied arts at first and then specialized in graphic design. During these years, I developed an attraction for 3D and special effects. That's how I found myself in this field, an exciting universe linking art and technique.

I've long been captivated by visual effects and the art of imaging. My own experience as a photographer has given me a particular insight into my vocation for the world of visual effects. The creation of a striking image in photography and the challenge of reproducing it in 3D seem to be the driving forces that turned me towards VFX.

Infinite possibilities, create and tell anything.

I always loved cinema and movies. I realised a few years ago I probably wanted to work in the movie industry, and I was always a big fan of special effects , so that's what I opted for.

When I was a kid, I first wanted to be a magician, then an inventor. Ever since I discovered CGI, it felt like becoming both. For many years I've watched movies, and really enjoyed the ones with special effects in it, especially horror movies. I admire the filmmakers that dare to make us travel through their technical achievements. It became obvious to make a living out of it: it is the best of both worlds; living for my passion, and living from my passion.

When I was 20 I studied law but I actually didn't liked. As I love animation films I decided to go to another school to learn how to make visual effects and animation. Now I'm in a visual effects school in Paris and I really enjoy it, therefore I'd like to work in this field.

I was enrolled in a classic art school, and at the end of the year they brought some 3D on the learning program, and I felt like it was my thing.

In 2018 when i meat my school director and when he shows me what was about his school and what we can do with all of the stuff we got.

I have always been a creative person with a lot of imagination so artistic professions have always attracted me, after several obstacles I finally found a field that I like VFX!