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MERCEDES 3D Fictional Car Advertising

MERCEDES 3D Fictional Car Advertising

by LeplantLucas, antoinedanion, and yassvfx on 25 Jun 2022

A full 3D fictional car advertisement of the Classe G Mercedes model evolving in different environments.

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Here is some stills of the car first

Viewport of the intro scene...

We used blueprints and images references to model and texture this car as accurately as possible regarding the short time that we had. 

We also decided to model the interior of the car, this part was tough because of the lack of blueprints available. So we had to make it from pictures references only. Due to that, certain objects required scale adjustments afterwards to make everything uniform.

Now that everything is modeled, we textured and shaded the vehicle using Substance Painter and Rigged the car on Maya who let the car drives, brakes and drifts with dynamics enabled so the body reacts to different situations during the animation.

Now that the car is ready, we created 3 different environments where the car has to evolve in. A Snow covered mountain, a Mountain Forest and an Ice Lake. We used World Creator to create procedural terrains and imported it on Unreal Engine 5 where the props and foliage were placed procedurally for the most.

We also used some car advertising shots references existing on the internet. Here is an exemple, blocking on the left, ref is on the right.

For the 2 snowy environments we created procedural trees on Speedtree and made a snow shader so it fits well the enviros

The environments scenes were rendered on Unreal Engine 5, the garage intro & outro were rendered on Redshift for Maya.

Here is a Breakdown video

Hope you liked this project, it was made in 4 months so it obviously contains some artifacts. We learnt a lot, hoping the next project will be even better! 

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