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Photoreel Pablo the snail

Photoreel Pablo the snail

Matthieu MANGEZ
by Matthieu on 7 May 2024

Hello everyone, here's a small project of my 2nd school year. I depicted a macro view of a snail whose shell is a terrarium.

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The snail carries its ecosystem, as it must flee its natural habitat.

Plan 1

Plan 2

Viewport from Meshroom software that enabled me to scan my sidewalk thanks to various photos taken on a day with low light contrast.

I got a satisfying result with about thirty photos.

In Zbrush, I sculpted the snail base and improved the textures with pictures I took. I'm pretty satisfied, although it's not my speciality.

Once the SSS was created, I applied a curvature map from Zbrush on my Substance Painter color map, to further contrast my displacement map.

Viewport from Substance Painter software that enabled me to create a first color base in order to later work on the SSS (on 3ds max with V-ray).

Preview of the 3ds max viewport of the whole scene. I quickly made a Chaos Phoenix simulation of smoke coming out of the manhole.

Terrarium description: various plants (created and recovered), scatterings of moss/pebbles/grass...

I was inspired by real terrariums that I then adapted to the shape of my shell to keep a certain visual coherence.


Here are my references (internet images, 3D images, pictures I took).

Once the renderings were done, I switched to NukeX software to reconstruct my image.

3D Raw to final comp from plan 1.

3D Raw to final comp from plan 2.

I was deeply passionate about this project, thus I could talk about the creative process for hours. Subjects I haven't mentioned yet: animation, shaders... If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your interest, hope you enjoyed the project!

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