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Ever since I was a child I always loved animated movies, and in middle school I discovered making-offs of my favorite movies. I was really mesmerized. It was in high school that I discovered the school I'm actually studying in, and it only pushed me further in the idea of working in this industry.

Quand je contaste l'émotion que crée un film d'animation chez les personnes.

I always loved architecture, and also cars, formula 1, spaceship, etc..

when i see the special effect in star wars

I always loved to draw when I was little. Passionate about cartoons and BD, I always wanted to transcribe my stories.

when i was a child

As i child i wanted to have the means to make my ideas a little more real, let's say "physical". Turns out that 3D is the best way, in my opinion, to create visual things.

After obtaining my studies in 3D modeling for the heavy industry, I decided to continue my studies in the 3D sector but in a more creative branch, which coincides with my passion for video games.

Since i'm young.

When I was kid, I wanted to be realisator. I wrote a lot of story and I realized a few short film with my friends. At High school, when I visited a student fair, I understood that this dream could be achievable.

As a child I was a huge fan of cartoons, animated movie and video games (watching my big brother playing some). This passion never really stopped. During my first year of High School, I discovered the possibility of a Concept Artist career. Since then, I am working hard, improving my drawing skills to find a position in the Entertainment Industry.

When I liked animation, 2D or 3D, it was the intention of these films that made me dream and that make me want to do the same. I would like to create jovial characters or badass that could mark people and be an example in their attitudes. That it is a story, a life .

Giving life to characters is really cool, I love it !

Illustration might be what I'm aiming for although concept art is so much fun to learn and offers a lot to explore :) I've always felt this child-like wonder around art and I wish to be able to create pieces that can resonate with people in any kind of way.

I saw cartoons when I was a child. I read comics when I was 8 years old. I played (too much) video games when I was a teenager, but I always had a pencil in hand. I think the first time I wanted to work on creative industry is when I realized artist are humans being and I wanted to be one of their humans.

I'm passionate about design theory and about the art that brings great stories to life.

I realized that i wanted to work in 3D, after testing for the first time maya. It was fun and you can do so many different things that it is never boring, that is why i decided to enter an art school that ad a 3d courses.

at the begining of my highschool journey

When i was young, i always want to work on this domain

When I was 7 years old, I started playing video games, especially on my NintendoDS and after on PS2, and started to tell my parents I want to "make the characters in video games and movies". I grew up and finally I have kept this dream in my head, and the project was more and more precise everyday. I decided to search a 3D Art school in France, and learned all I can before entering in. I was accepted in Bellecour Ecole for school year 2018-2019, in 1st year Bachelor 3D Art and Animation.

I’ve always been interested in the 3D universe, as a spectator when I was a teenager, this interest has critically increased since my second studies’ year. It is a very diversify field with endless knowledges. It became more than a passion for me. When I’m practicing it, time doesn’t matter anymore .

I've always loved watchinga animated movies and playing video games. I was also curious to understand how it works and I wanted to become part of it.

I found interest in Environment art during highschool when I discovered what kind of work layed behind video games. At first I wanted to be a concept artist but changed my mind when I started learning 3D modeling and texturing.