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Skitarii Ranger (Remake) fan art

Skitarii Ranger (Remake) fan art

CADINOT Alexandre
by cadinot on 1 Jun 2020

This is a remake of one of my old characters from 2017, check the Skitarii Ranger on its Artstation page : This project goal was mostly for texturing practice. Again, big thanks to Joazzz and the trusted comrades for the support and help on the design !

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The model is fully rigged & skinned

59 unique variations
4 x 2k materials.
88k polygons ( 143k tris )

I wanted a more realistic, a more modern design compared to the old version. This project goal was mostly for texturing practice. Most of the meshes are sculpted and the clothes were made with Marvelous Designer.

Optimisation (both in materials and in topology) was a key issue while making this. i haven't got too far in the details, because i was trying to find the balance between what's good looking, and what's optimised.

Here's a display of some of the variations put together quite randomly

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