Samurai - Real-time

Samurai - Real-time

CADINOT Alexandre
by cadinot on 28 Apr 2020

Here's a little project i've been working on. This project was excuse to learn more about baking and texturing, i learnt a lot !

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The goal was to get away a bit from the very old (and therefore very limited) Source Engine. Trying out making a character rendered with another engine.

It was a texturing challenge since i tried to add lots of details, and quality to the previous character works.
Tt was also an opportunity to learn a bit about Marvelous Designer.

- 80k triangles
- 2 x 4k materials

It's a very classic samurai design, but with a tiny occidental feel. The armor, for instance, is usually made of wood. I chose to replace it with a rough metallic material. The colors has been tuned down and, in general, the aesthetism is closer to the feudal occidental style.

-Lowpoly Modeling made with Maya
-Clothes made with Marvelous Designer and fixed with Zbrush
-Highpoly Modeling made with Zbrush
-Normal Map & AO map baked with Marmoset Toolbag 3
-Texturing made with Substance Painter
-Rendered with Marmoset Toolbag 3

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