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Rookie Awards 2021 | Career Opportunities

Goodbye Kansas Studios Finalists

Goodbye Kansas Studios is looking for 1 x intern to join the team for 4 weeks of experience with their world-class team.


United Kingdom | Bournemouth University

Diana Kontrimaviciute


United Kingdom

Hady Abou Ghazale


France | ArtFx

Ever since a young age, I was always fascinated with the world of storytelling and filmmaking. The educational journey started when I enrolled in a filmmaking curriculum in Saint Joseph University in Beirut. After acquiring my bachelor, I decided to pursue my studies in visual effects. Currently, I am a student at ARTFX in Montpellier- France.


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

When I was in my third year of college, finishing the Audiovisual Systems Engineering degree.

Jorge Re-Biot


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

When I was studying my degree of Engineerinf of Industrial Design I discovered the 3D world (by a program called SolidWorks) and then I started to get interested in postproduction. Despite that, I finished my degree and after 3-4 years working as Product designer I had the opportunity to study what I really wanted.

Emily Bisset


United Kingdom | Portsmouth University

I liked computers and I liked performing so I thought I would combine them by learning 3D animation but then blossomed into wanting to create 3D art. After graduating, I started using Substance Designer in my spare time, I've now developed a real passion for material creation. Achieved a first in BSc Computer Animation and VFX (Class of 2020) from Portsmouth university.



Whaching films with my family made me think about how people create special things.

Brutout Samy


Belgium | ArtFX

I've always had a lot of creativity since I was young, since I never stoped creating things ...

Chris Orfanidis


Germany | CGMA

Starving artist trying to make my way through the universe. My artstation:

Inma Carrillo


Spain | Animum 3D School

When I was younger and I was watching productions like Marvel's, I couldn’t contain my curiosity to know how artists could do such wonderful things that seemed totally realistic at the same time. And that's where I finally discovered the role of digital compositing in the world of visual effects and I couldn't help falling in love with it.

vincent rouanet


France | Think Tank Online ( Think tank Training Centre - ONLINE )

I worked as a video editor. I heard about ZBrush and then Maya, Max, Substance... and all world became magic. I needed some serious training so I entered Think Trank Training online and now I'm a student at New3dge school in Paris.

Elia Göttlicher


Germany | PIXL VISN | Media Arts Academy

I started to train my creativity when I was 12 years old with Photoshop and soon began to create a big interest in the movie branch. I was 15 years old when I got accepted at the PixlVisn Arts Academy and knew since then what my big dream was: Creating awesome movies with a great team that are as passionate as me.

Kristin Kaas-Lutsberg


United Kingdom | CG Spectrum

I have always enjoyed watching films and being creative. When I was younger, I loved doing digital image manipulations. When choosing a career path, Compositor at VFX industry seemed great choice as it combines everything I loved when I was younger and at the same time gives a chance to be creative and face unique challenges every day .

Dat Matthias Nguyen


Germany | PIXL VISN | Media Arts Academy

4 years ago in 2017, I discovered tutorials online from Feng Zhu, a digital concept artist. Fascinated by him I started to learn concept art and digital painting, mostly from online sources. But I just did that as a hobby for 2 years. Then in 2019, I decided to visit a 3D school in cologne, Pixl Visn Media Arts Academy, mainly because I wanted to understand the basics of 3D and the mindset of a 3D artist, to become an even better and more efficient concept artist.

YenChen Chen


United Kingdom | University of the Arts London

I went to the university with the goal of studying concept art. During the summer of my freshman year, I discovered the use of Blender for concept art. I started following free tutorials on YouTube, and soon switched to using Cinema 4D. Since then, I knew I wanted to work in an industry involving 3D. When I got to the second year of the university, I joined the 3D computer animation pathway and started to pick up Maya and Zbrush, and really learned the fundamentals of the 3D pipeline.

Adrià Lucha Giménez



Since I was a child, like with 7 or 8 years

Maria Irincheva



I realized I was into the creative area many years ago when I first started drawing. I was mostly interested in drawing human figures and portraits and also understanding human forms and facial expressions. Later on, about a year ago, my passion developed into 3D Character Modeling, which felt like the natural way for me to put my drawing skills into practice while pursuing a career in the VFX industry.


United Kingdom | Escape Studios

I'd say the day I realised that I wanted to do get into filmmaking was when I first watched Star Wars Episode 3 in the cinema. The visuals in that movie blew me away, I remember watching the opening space sequence and the fight with general grievous on the big screen. I'm still blown away by the quality of general grievous in that movie.

Silvia Torrella Gómez


Spain | Animum Creativity Advanced School

Probably wondering how did "they" do everything in that awesome Toy Story movie when I was 4 yo, instead of just enjoy it as any other kid, was a fare sign of what should I work on when I grew up. But I guess that it has been a journey, and that I've discovered this world step by step, through curiosity, hobbies, and studies in Advertisement, PR, Audiovisual Post Production and Compositing, which is where I want to keep growing now. This is just the beginning!

Callum McKay


United Kingdom | University of Hertfordshire

Unreal Engine
Substance by Adobe
Chaos Group
Dell Technologies
Epic Games
Weta Digital
2G Studio
3D World
Crystal Dynamics
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Goodbye Kansas
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IO Interactive
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