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When I was 7 I was gifted a handy-me-down Nintendo 64 for my birthday. It was this gift that helped me realise I was destined to work in the media/entertainment industry.

When I touch blender for the first time, I knew since that event I wanted to go in this industry

Around the 4rth grade of primary school. I have been a creative person from a young age and a huge fan of videogames for as long as I can remember. In the 4rth grade I decided I wanted to be a PlayStation 2 game developer (and when I realised later that's not how it worked a videogame artist haha)

When I saw Frozen as a kid and was mesmerised by the visuals of the film. Never seen anything like it and I felt that at that moment, I wanted to push myself to becoming an artist and create beautiful pieces just like it

As a kid I used to watch animated shows on Cartoon Network by the bucketful which is what first got me into the idea of creative jobs and being an artist. And since then, exploring different mediums till I eventually settled on 3D art.

I have loved film and design from a young age, studying SFX makeup and prosthetics for Film. Since then I have endeavored to expand my skill set to incorporate my passion for digital design, technology, and unlimited creative expression.

It wasn't like one morning I woke up and decided that's what i wanted to do, I was always trying to get into 3D whether it was using CAD software in school to watching tutorials during my days off work.

About 6 years ago when I was watching Pixar movies and thought to myself, "I wonder how I could learn to do that?"

I realised that I wanted to work in the creative media industry whilst in high school. I did a subject called Industrial Technology: Multimedia and enjoyed it far more than any other class. I had the opportunity to learn new software and hardware and build upon my desire to create unique experiences.

I have always dreamed of working in the industry, I decided just recently to finish up with work doing UX and UI to have the opportunity to get into my dream career.

In 2018, I took a week long Creature Creation summer camp with AIE, where I was first taught how to sculpt in Zbrush. It was extremely fun and refreshing to jump into a new art medium, and I wanted to learn so much more. However, I think my passion for the art of video games began whenever I first got my hands on a 3DS. I wasn't able to play very many video games before that moment, but having the ability to experience story-rich games that required my own input truly inspired my creativity.

I really enjoy art and modeling and would love to pursue this as a career .

When I was in middle school I took a liking to Minecraft and building in the creative mode. I start off building small towns for my villages and worked my way up using different styles and time eras. I was able to develop my skills and I started reaching out to the community and asking to build for them on their games. There were a few limitations to using the set of blocks given to me so I started looking into creating a more organic environment. This lead me on a path to my current school AIE.

When I realised you could create beautiful artworks from absolutely nothing.

When I was 15 I made the decision to move back in with my foster parents and pursue a career in art.

When playing video games while I grew up, I always wondered to myself how the games I was playing were made of and how they functioned. That curiosity brought me into researching and learning more about game production and eventually lead me into enrolling into a game art and design focused college.

The day I made $50 in high school, after drawing for a few people.

I've been a fan of 3D animation and creative media and entertainment since when the youtube video "Animator vs Animation" and a Youtuber that goes by "Slamacow" worked on a minecraft video called "revenge" came out when I was younger. I thought it was awesome back then when I had no idea how these things were even made and I thought it was created with magic.

After collecting comics I decided that I really wanted to blend the idea of traditional media with technology. Seeing comic characters and overall stylized worlds come too life was what did it for me

When I was a teenager, I decided to become a game programmer due to all the games I was playing back then.

Art and videogames were a key aspect of my childhood. I was definitely intrigued when I saw splash art of the League of Legends characters, which was a turning point for me to pursue into the gaming industry.

Since I was young, I have always had a passion in creative fields. For me, my journey began in music perfomance and composition, and spread to digital graphic and web design then 3D and VFX thoughout high school. I still produce art in all these fields and continue to explore new ways to express myself!

The character design in The Uncharted Series and Shadow of the Colossus was one of the first moments when I thought, I want to make something like this. Then I came across Bloodborne, I adored the characters, creatures and visual elements of the game, which made me love the gaming industry more and wanted to get involved.