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A Hazy Year

A Hazy Year

Laura Turner
by Lat3d on 29 Jun 2021

This piece of work is inspired by the lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia, and is an ode to the beverage that helped me get through it! These 4 seconds of animation took 18 nights to render #worthit The scene was modeled and animated in #AutodeskMaya. Textured in #SubstancePainter and #AdobePhotoshop.

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This cute little 112 frame animation took one week to create and 18 nights to render!

I designed and animated the smiley-face in Adobe After Effects, and animated the scene in Autodesk Maya.  I hope you enjoy my creation!

Beauty shots with a wireframe and geometry overlay.

A quick view of my compositing process in Nuke! 

- Beauty - Environment - Colour Correction -
I layered images and videos of smoke, then color corrected them to blend with the table and reflections.

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