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Vincent D'Andrea - GameArt 2023

Vincent D'Andrea - GameArt 2023

Vincent D'Andrea
by VincentDAndrea on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello, My name is Vincent D'Andrea. I'm a french student at New3dge (Paris) in final year of master Game Art. Here are the two projects I worked on during the 2022-2023 school year.

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Vincent D'Andrea

During my final year of master, I took part in two projects.

Karnak, where I was an environment artist on the outside temple.

DATA , I was also an environment artist on the entrance and librairy sections. I was also in charge of all the lighting for the game.


It is a solo Third person of action-adventure, inspired by Ancient Egyptian. The player incarnated Haytem, an explorer guided by a mysterious woman to free the cursed city.

New3dge challenged us to create a playable game demo on unreal engine 5.1. We had 5 months from January to May 2023 to do it.

Environment artists : Vincent d'Andrea, Estelle Panel and Benjamin Kretschmann

Character artists : Jean-Jacques Dumas and Moheb Naghib

Creature artists : Ludivine Bellot, Armande Lecointre (+ Tech chara) and Maxime Leroy

Tech and Fx artist : Léo Zhang

Concept artists : Jérôme Bianchi, Céline Cariou, Régin Wellander, Noel Martins and Anne Fichet

Voice actors : Mark Kaczmarek (Haythem) and Angela Leblanc (Sefshet)

Music by Anthony Damario and sound effect by Fabien Crousillac

Trailer :

Gameplay :

Environment :

My work on the KARNAK project involved modelling and texturing the outdoor environment, as part of a team with Estelle Panel.

For example, i modelled the rocks with ZBrush, textured them with Substance Painter and Designer and integrated them into Unreal Engine 5.

I created the assets for the external environment librairy using 3D rendering software (3dsmax, ZBrush, RizomUV, Substance Painter, Designer), which I integrated into Unreal Engine 5.

I took part in the development of the trailer for the camera shots and the UE5 sequencers for the interaction with the enemies on the bridge.

To create the temple bridge, we adapted the initial concept into a playable level, with players, NPCs and combat zones. This environment was heavily influenced by the design of ancient Egypt and the Moroccan town of Ouarzazate. Our aim was to create a fantastic but believable temple, close to being submerged by the sandstorm. The lighting was designed to give the illusion of being at the heart of the storm. A calm zone at first sight, where the player will have to fight for his life.

Our main challenge was the size of the environment in the time available.

To be effective, we worked with procedural shaders to texture directly in Unreal and a library of materials, including trimsheets. We sought a balance between aesthetic quality and performance requirements for real-time, such as the density of texels, the low number of polygons, retopology and the complexity of lighting.

Breakdown :

DATA, a contemplative 3rd person game, is the first project of our Master 2 year. Completed in 4 months,it presents the story of Frank, a nomadic robot discovering buried ruins on a desolate Earth.

The narrative and visual aspects of our game come from inspirations such as Love Death and Robot and Blade Runner 2049.

Environment and lighting artist : Vincent D'Andrea

Environment artists : Alice Couderc and Oscar Chalaux

Character, tech artist : Armande Lecointre

Creature artist : Maxime Leroy

Music by : Octave Roulleau-Thery

Trailer :

Environment and Lighting :

My work on the DATA project involved producing the 2D concept for the library's mood.

I did most of the level design for the library, as well as the LD for the player's entrance.

I created 3D assets for the game environment.

I designed the lighting for the entrance hall and the library, using Unreal Engine 5 (Lumen).

I made most of the sequencers for the trailer and the breakdown travelings.

For the rapid and random arrangement of books in the level design, I created a blueprint in UE5.

Breakdown :

Travelings :

Thank you for looking at my school projects.

My Artstation - LinkedIn

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