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Raphaël Banget-Mossaz Character art Showreel 2022/2023

Raphaël Banget-Mossaz Character art Showreel 2022/2023

Raphaël Banget-Mossaz
by raphaelbangetmossaz on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here is the characters I made for my last year of school at New3dge as a game artist! I hope you will enjoy watching it all!

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Link of the project : ROEBUCK

This Big tough man won't hesitate to shoot any living creature to put money in his pocket. Beware his strengh and precision...

Concept Artist : Anne Fichet

The birds of Roebuck are classic birds, but just more... Monstrous!

Link of the project : AQUAHEROES

On Aquaheroes I was responsible of 3 characters : Milo,  The Leviathan and the Robotto
I did the modeling, retopology, UVs, textures, rig and animations (with the help of Léo ZHANG and Hugo TRENORAS for the animations)

Milo is the funny one of the team. Super fast and crazy, he is never not having fun.

Concept artist : Romane Treluyer
Shaders made by : Romain Hologne

Animation made by : Hugo Trenoras

The mechas are invading the world!
The Leviathan is definitely the toughest of them all. Beware of his strenght when you will have to face him...

The robottos are the kind mechanical creatures living in this world that you have to save!

You can reach me on these social medias er with my contact information down here:

Telephone :
E-mail : [email protected]


Roebuck Team : 

Moheb NAGUIB :Character Artist
Yohan HOUEL : Character Artist
Mathis BOUMEDJMADJEN : Character Artist
Valentin LEFEVRE : Environment/Tech/Shader
Hippolyte GELY : Environment/Cinematic/Lighting
Benjamin KRETSCHMANN : Environment

Concept artists :

Regin WELLANDER : Concept artist
Anne FICHET : Concept artist
Marius VILLARD : Concept artist

Aquaheroes : 

Tiffany LE THANH : Character Artist
Kenza EL MHAIA : Character Artist
Romain HOLOGNE : Character Artist /Tech Character artist
Léo ZHANG : Tech artist/Blueprint/FX artist
Axel DABOINEAU : Environment artist
Marie HENRY : Environment artist
Mélanie KHAU :Environment artist

Concept artists :

Cecilia LAPEZE
Antoine GADOUD

Special Thanks :

Céline DANG : Motion design
Hugo TRENORAS : Animations
Ines POULET : Vignette design

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