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Scour the Dark

Scour the Dark

Scour the Dark is an asymmetric co-op shooter where the players have to communicate and work together to kill alien creatures. This project was made during a 9-week group project at PlaygroundSquad using Unreal Engine 5.

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About the Game:

A high-security research complex in Sweden has been overrun by horrific creatures.
A two-man team has been tasked with finding the source of the infestation and destroy it. 

The plan is as follows: bring the bomb to the heart of the infestation, arm it and get out before it detonates.
You and your teammate will have to tread carefully through the dark, as there's no one to save you once you've entered the complex.

Make sure to use your flashlight wisely as the battery won't last forever. You don't want to get caught without a light when you hear the creatures closing in on you...

Communication and your unique toolkits will be key to a successful mission. 
If you work together you might even make it out alive.

Play the game here:

(Best experienced with 2 Windows-compatible controllers. At least 1 controller required to play.)


Environment and Props:

We wanted a modular environment and decided on a 1980's office-setting.
The walls and floors have been overrun by strange alien lifeforms. This creates an interesting contrast where the organic and sterile environments collide.


These are the weapons and equipment used by the characters in the game. Each weapon uses a texture resolution of 256 x 256 pixels. The C4 and flare shares a single 256 x 256 texture.



These are the two operatives equipped with their unique loadouts. One carries a flamethrower and flares, while the other has a heavy machine gun and C4 explosives.


The Charger:

This is a ferocious creature that doesn't hesitate to attack anything it encounters. 
We wanted to convey this behavior visually by making it very muscular. The spikes on its body gives off a threatening silhouette, while the dysfunctional chicken-like limbs on its back gives it a mutated appearance. The lack of eyes and pale skin indicates that this creature thrives in the dark.

The Screamer:

This lifeform doesn't have any means to defend itself, but with its high-pitch scream it can call hostile creatures to its location.
To convey this, the mouth was made to take up a large part of the body. The big eye keeps constant watch of its surroundings, while the small chicken-like arms make it look defenseless and vulnerable.


All of the enemy characters were rigged and animated by us.
Below is a video showcasing some of the animations used in the game.

Shaders and VFX:

To bring more life and believability to the game, we relied heavily on VFX and Shaders.
Some of these include: fire, explosions, fog, pulsating flesh, blood splatter and destructible walls.


To enhance the 80's horror-aesthetic, the music utilizes both electric guitars and synthesizers.
The soundtrack was heavily inspired by artists such as John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream.

Static Signal
Arming Sequence



Frameless Games:


   Timmy Jonsson (Level Design, Gameplay Design)

   Pontus Johansson (Gameplay Design, Level Design)

   Alexei Vallgårda (Sound Design, QA-testing)


Props and Environment:

   Markus Hag (Environment, Props)

   John Gustafsson (Weapons, Props)

   Rebekah Landfeldt (Props)

Characters / Creatures:

   Olivia Grönlund (Charger, Screamer, Animations)

   Otto Gafvelin (Player characters, Soundtrack)

   Hampus Westerlund (Swarmer, Animations)

Technical Artist:

   Line Skaraas (Shaders, VFX, UI, Trailer)


   Victor Lundström (AI, Animation Programmer)

   Julius Edvardsson (Quality control, Gameplay & Systems Engineer)

   Felix Emblad (UI, Gameplay Programmer)

   Arvid Holm (Gameplay Programmer)

Animations for the player characters from Mixamo.

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