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Portfolio 2022 Franka Vleeshouwers

Portfolio 2022 Franka Vleeshouwers

Franka Vleeshouwers
by FrankaVleeshouwers on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello, and welcome to my portfolio. My name is Franka Vleeshouwers. I'm currently specializing in becoming a environment/prop artist. I'm a very curious person who loves to learn new things.

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Archviz|Cozy old attic

This is a small project made with the intent of learning static lighting in unreal engine5. 
I really enjoyed making this project and learned a lot for it.

Opera glasses

During this project I focused on making the right materials. I really liked using substance painter for this and seeing how far I could take it.

I choose this object because I really like telling a story with the things I make.

Landscape generator

Creating a fully procedural environment made in Houdini was a challenge.
I made this environment with a few tools.
Heightfield loader -this loads the environment
River tool -draws a river with a curve in unreal on any position that u want.
Layer generation -creates the different material layers.
Cliff generation -generates cliffs based on how steep a mountain is.
Scatter objects -when u select a material layer u can use it to spawn different meshes on it ex a forest

It was so much fun making this project and I learned so much.

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