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Rookie Awards 2019

Started in 2010, this is our biggest annual contest. It's open to young creatives in visual effects, animation, games, virtual reality, motion graphics and 3d visualisation. There is simply no better way to launch your career and start sharing your amazing work online.

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Rookie of the Year | Immersive Media

Are you working on content for VR, AR, MR and everything else in between? This is your category. The judges are looking to find the best technical and creative artists creating content specifically for use with headsets. This includes games, apps, and all immersive experiences.

Important Notes

  • Combine all your best work into one single entry. Multiple entries with individual projects will not be reviewed.
  • The judges are looking for the artists that can demonstrate the best skills in immersive media. This could be a modeller, it could be a developer.
  • Some of the best previous entries have included videos of people playing their games and using their assets. It’s a great way to show how entertaining you have made your experience.
  • This category is a good mix of creativity and technical ability. Our judges will be considering both equally and looking for that artist that is truly pushing the boundaries in this field.
Immersive Media
Immersive Media
Immersive Media