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Stop-Motion Animated Shorts

Stop-Motion Animated Shorts

by avanibabar on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a compilation of all the short animated films done by me in stop-motion animation.

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A multi-medium animated journey of an egg to a safe space where it is acknowledged as a ‘Life’ instead of merely a commodity.

The egg is a recurring symbol in many creation myths. It represents LIFE, fertility, eternity, hope and purity and has many more positive connotations attached to it. In Hindu mythology the source of creation is said to be 'Hiranyagarbha' which literally translates to 'Golden Womb' or 'Golden Egg'. An egg is a sacred symbol that denotes creation of life. Yet it is merely a commodity in today’s time.

Using the symbol of an egg, I am exploring the theme of Commodification of Life.


An ex-animate old man finds contentment through a surreal journey directed by a powerful memory.

Inspired by the broader theme of disconnect and memory, the film focuses on lifelessness as a form of disconnect and nostalgia that is brought on by a strong memory.

The idea is to illustrate the role memory plays in changing a negative emotion to a positive one, in this case lifelessness to contentment.


In this animation, ‘An oral lore’ is personified. It goes through slight alterations as it moves on from one generation to another. However, with the invention of modern technology, the ephemeral nature of this story is destroyed.

My initial research involved reading articles explaining oral traditions and the impact of technology. I researched in depth about the Kaavad tradition (a form of storytelling, originating from Rajasthan, India) and Dastangoi (Urdu Oral Storytelling form). These forms are losing its place in society due to various reasons.

My intention was to highlight the change in oral traditions brought on by technology.

For the central character I used nuts and bolts along with other obsolete mechanical parts. As the character enters the technological era, it converts to a more relevant object such as the motherboard. The transformation process was challenging as I had to slightly modify the character body parts throughout the generations (which translates to the initial walk cycle in the animation).


This claymation explores the idea of self –image, perception and road safety. The story involves three quirky characters each showcasing their absurd perception.   

Snippet 1: The driver cares more about her outward appearance than road safety. It is also making a statement on distracted driving such as texting and driving or drunk driving. 

Snippet 2: The second character views putting on a seat belt as being strapped in a straight jacket. It's a comment on the use of seat belts in the society.

Snippet 3: The final character is somewhat obsessed with external beauty and can be seen wrapped up head to toe to protect his skin. The biker is seen without a helmet. The irony here, the brain protects everything but itself.


This is a story of a stone that fell in love with another and the events that followed. 

This was a group project for which the introduction was done solely by me. 


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