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This category is for all the 2D and 3D animators out there who love nothing more than bringing characters and objects to life.

Open until 6 Jan 2020 /// [ 0d 0h 0m ]
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Category Brief

It is not essential to have watched Peaky Blinders to enter this contest. This will not give you an advantage of other contestants.

Peaky Blinders were an urban street gang based in Birmingham, England, that operated from the end of the 19th century and after the First World War.

For this brief, we want you to create an animation that best represent this era, the people, the lifestyle and the economic deprivation. We want you to create something from Birmingham 1919. It could be a gang member fight scene, a horse trotting down the road, people working in an alleyway, or even a walk cycle from a gangster.

Requirements & Deliveries

Entrants need to share their progress. We don’t want you to just upload a finished animation. We want you to create an entry page that shares your work from concept and idea, all the way through to your finished animation. This not only allows members to follow along, but it helps the judges truly understand how you work.

For your final update, entrants must submit a Youtube or Vimeo Video of their finished animation. The video must be HD resolution.

Screencasts are allowed to be submitted. The judges are reviewing animation skills, not rendering and lighting.

How to enter

Use the button below to create an entry. Use this entry page to share updates as you create your masterpiece. Your last update will be considered as your final submission.

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