Peaky Blinders Animation
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Peaky Blinders Animation

by fawn on 11 Dec 2019 for Netflix & Skill - Peaky Blinders

Animation for Peaky Blinders. My animation is mainly focused on Thomas Shelby. The assets I will be using are still images from the show and some 3d renders that I produce

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

This is my final animation for the contest ! Hope you guys enjoy it :)

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Update - 5 Jan 2020

Final Style frames. Added some extra textures to the assets

Update - 1 Jan 2020

These are the final styleframe that i have created for my animation. 

Update - 17 Dec 2019

These are the updated style frame that I have for my animation. I used a still image from the show to create the opening of my animation and used the 3d render that I created for the following scene.

The still image that I have used and the 3d render that I had produced

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Update - 11 Dec 2019

I have also attached the initial mood board + References and storyboard(LOL) of my concept. The storyboard was done very quick and I didn't have much time to polish it so please bear with it..

For the contest, the animation that I'll be doing will be something like a promo video for the show. I have decided to use Thomas Shelby as the main "hero" of my animation. I feel that he bought out the soul of the show very well.  I chose to incorporate both 2d and 3d elements in my animation. For the 3D part, I'll be using a table environment to showcase the gun and bullets which represent the gangster part of the show. Also, there will be a 3D pocket watch rotating.

 This is the 3D scene style frame I have created

The scene is rendered using C4d + Redshift.