Stylized character
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Stylized character

Facial expressions!

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Update - 29 Dec 2019

So here's the final expression tests! Thanks! Happy new year!

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Update - 26 Dec 2019


I've already submitted my 3d environment work on 3D render category, but I just wanna try and have a taste on different area; animation! I've done a couple of very rough digital sculptings and animating, but mostly dedicated to 3D environment modeling through my whole learning years since late 2018. Fortunately, I found a great on-going tutorial from Blender Cloud by Julien Kaspar, about Stylized Character modeling & animating, I've been having fun with it! 

Won't be a full body rig and animation, but at least I'll be able to do some facial expressions! So here we go!


Retopo & inner parts!

recorded for fun!

Here's the first expression test, smiling!

Let's see how many other expressions I can make til the deadline!

Here some more expressions!