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Rookie Awards 2019 | Studio Internships

Visual Effects - Oceania Finalists

Weta Digital is looking for an Animation Intern to join the team for one month of experience with their world-class team of Animators.

Sunny Wai Yan Chan


Hong Kong | Savannah College of Art and Design

Back when I was getting my bachelor's degree in real estate and construction, my professor told us to pitch our final projects in an innovative way i.e. not just same old PowerPoint presentations. This led to my first time using After Effects for motion graphics and I fell in love with animating stuff ever since. After years of exploration, I have found my passion in cinematic 3D animation.



When I was having more fun drawing Dragon Ball Z and illustrations in class rather than dealing with career choices that seem like an absolute drag. When doing a 2d animation during my diploma I was introduced to 3D and Maya and found it to be tonnes of fun and the right choice for me.

Kyaw Saw Aung


New Zealand

I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry when I finished high school after seeing the first Spiderman movie in 2002.

Jun Lee


New Zealand | Auckland University of Technology

I wanted work in the CGI and Film Industry after watching BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs. I especially have an interest in prehistoric creatures, architecture, and environmental modelling which I love incorporating into my work. Gaining experience in a state-of-the-art VFX / Animation company would be a great asset for me to add into my tool kit, to learn more about the process and techniques the film industry uses for feature films.

Cédric Moens de Hase


France | ArtFx

I've been drawing since I was a little kid, but I realized I wanted to make visual effects around 16-17 years old. I was super curious about how to make the effects I saw in the movies I wanted to be a part of it !

Stephen Sebastian Njoto


New Zealand | The University of Auckland

I've always enjoyed drawing, observing and understanding the world around me. Although it wasn't later in life that I realised all the worlds I dreamed up and put to paper was what concept designers do. Just completed my bachelor's degree in architectural studies and am currently building up a concept design portfolio.

Maximilian Lambrecht


Germany | Hochschule Hannover

Just as every other child, I really enjoyed playing in imaginary worlds, defeating dragons with sticks and living in castles made of sheets. But as I grew older there were still stories to be told and worlds to be built, so when I found out there was an industry that allowed me to live out those fantasies, I knew I wanted to be part of it! That much I owed to my younger self.


New Zealand | Victoria University of Wellington

When I was a kid I was always drawing and creating things in clay and paper, and when I joined the Digital Technology class in high school it was an obvious (and very enjoyable) leap to join the two mediums together. Seeing the first Avatar movie in 3D was an incredible experience, and inspired me to start my journey towards becoming a 3D animator and designer.

Archie Majumdar


Australia | Think Tank Training Centre Online

After having spent a few years on my scientific career, I felt like I had pigeonholed myself. It was only after discovering VFX, a synergy of art and science, I knew I had found a place where I could thrive. I finalised my commitment to this industry after discovering it's passionate and inspirational community.

Tidals Chan


Hong Kong

I was borned in Hong Kong. When I was three, I started to draw things but not writing. No one forced me but I naturally drew many things. I like watching cartoon animation, VFX films and TV drama since I was studying secondary school. I kept self-practicing on sketching in my five studying years. I applied animation course at Hong Kong Design Institute & HK Polytechnic University. I learnt many digital media and animation skills, and I really like 3D production. So I want to be a CG artist.

Sashya Lukita Precilliany Subono Halse


New Zealand | Victoria University of Wellington

My Name is Sashya Halse and I am a recent graduate of Master of Design Technology at The Miramar Campus of Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. Living and growing up here in Wellington, My biggest dream is to one day become an animator at Weta Digital.



New Zealand | Victoria University of Wellington

When I was in middle school and saw the first 3D animation in my life,I was shocked and I thought it would be super cool to use this 3D technique to tell my stories and express my thought. After that I began to self-taught photoshop,aftereffect,coreldraw,flash etc.When I was in University I had the professional training and studies.

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