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3D Animation - Canada

Animal Logic is looking for an Intern to join their team and experience what's like to be part of this world-renowned studio. Apply for this opportunity to launch your career instantly.

Submissions closed on 31 May 2019
3D Animation - Canada
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On behalf of the sponsors and judges, The Rookies would like to congratulate the following caetgory winners.


Thiago Paulino


Canada | Vancouver Film School

Drawing since I was a kid, my whole journey as an artist was influenced by the gaming and movie industry. The first decision that puts me on the track was getting a degree in Industrial Design at the age of 18, which though me a lot about concepting, design thinking, materials, and processes.

People's Choice

Léa Rocton


France | Ecole de communication visuelle - Bordeaux

At the beginning I wanted to imagine and create sets for theatre and cinema. What I liked was to create illusion and immerse people inside universes. Then I discovered 3D, sculpt and all the possibilities that offers. So I started my studies, today it’s been 5 years, I choose to specialized in 3D modeling to create characters and environments to tell stories.

Honorable Mentions

The following winners made a lasting impression on the judging panel and secured highly sort after Excellence Awards and Draft Selection badges.

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jamesw96 (Draft Selection) View Entry
maximilianlambrecht (Draft Selection) View Entry
jbar11 (Draft Selection) View Entry
javierpedreno (Draft Selection) View Entry
juanferbravo94 (Excellence Award) View Entry
viniciusfavero (Excellence Award) View Entry
sankettonde (Draft Selection) View Entry
charly (Draft Selection) View Entry
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josepontes (Draft Selection) View Entry
tayfurturkmenoglu (Draft Selection) View Entry
hugowijaya (Excellence Award) View Entry
candy (Draft Selection) View Entry
justicerisesvr (Excellence Award) View Entry

Category Brief

This amazing opportunity is open to aspiring 2D or 3D Visual Effects and Animation artists of all disciplines, that want to work on big blockbuster feature animation films like Peter Rabbit and The LEGO Movie 2. The aim is to help an artist kick start their career, working amongst renowned artists and gaining valuable insight into the working life inside this award-winning studio.

The winner will receive feedback from experienced artists on their work, developing their knowledge of the feature animation pipeline and will be evolving their skill set on some of the most exciting film projects in production.


Applicants for this internship must:

  • Include strong examples of 2D Compositing or 3D work within their entry.
  • Must legally be allowed to work in Canada. (Visas will NOT be provided)
  • Must be able to complete the internship during the second half of 2019 or early 2020.


  • Studio location Vancouver, Canada.
  • Our Animal Logic Internship details (start date, duration, salary, etc.) will be discussed and arranged with the winner. After the deadline and judging has completed, Animal Logic will contact the winner – good luck everyone..!
3D Animation - Canada
3D Animation - Canada
3D Animation - Canada

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