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3D Animation and Motion Design

3D Animation and Motion Design

by sanat on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Here are some of my expressions in 3D Animation and Motion Design. These explorations have been created since last one and half year. I am very excited to share this journey with you.

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Two contradictions,

Meet each other,

Birth of a Two-sided Mirror.

I am interested in how the dynamics between people with contradicting values; for or against consumerism and capitalism, function together as a whole. A unity, with the “sense of separation” as an integral part of it. Separation is mentioned because our society is made up of ‘’Believers’’. Their belief fuels their bias, their standpoint. The state of believing means being separated from reality.

One who knows does not believe.

One who believes does not know.

Such is the nature of belief. It comes with assumption; it fades with knowing. Example, one does not believe the sun will rise from the west, one simply knows. Irrespective of any belief, it will rise from the direction known as the east. If one believes that the sun rises from the west, he is simply detached from the reality due to his belief. Similarly, believers separate themselves from reality because of the cushioning of their own bias. Hence the mentioning of the sense of separation. The masses believe in being satisfied by products and services, when all they get is enslaved.

Synopsis: So should one not believe anything?

“Looking to Listen”, an animated short film attempts to answer this inquiry by penetrating the opportunity of meeting of contradictions to create a two sided mirror. A two sided mirror is truly beyond colour, colourless, transparent. It does not paint the reality with any bias, belief, colour. It simply lets reality penetrate through. Within and without any judgement. Similarly, “Looking to Listen” tries to see situations with totality; from all point of views to fully understand the nature of it. All the while without believing in a standpoint, but seeking to know and understand as a whole.

Logline: While seeking “Looking to Listen” travels through a journey of visuals, duality, patterns, fonts, quotes, textures and symbols, maintaining its totality (mindfulness) in its observation for the pursuit of knowing rather than believing.

Theory answers the Question,

Experience answers the Questioner,

Look to Listen.




“The Journey” is a short film that takes science fiction as an element to describe the expression of extraordinary through the mundane as well as the sense of revelation. And lastly it mentions the questioning of self.

“The Journey” is a collaboration of two friends, Sanat Charankar and Aditya Prabhu in the fourth year of Srishti, institute of art, design and technology. The project was guided by Sarath Kumar and Sandeep Ashwath. Its creation took two and half months from conception to production. It is also an expression of admiration for architecture and alchemy.

My role throughout the film was in the conception, design, modelling, shading and texturing, animation, lighting, rendering and sound. I used Houdini for modelling, texturing and shader building. I used Arnold to render.




This is a concept of ambitious sci-fi ship. It has come from a place of exploring various intricate and artful forms in term so f design as well as function. It is heavily influenced by sci-fi movies and anime.

It is entirely done in Houdini, rendered in Arnold.




I am interested and fascinated by intense and intricate forms. One of the interesting forms are called ‘Fractals’. Fractals is the way to see the physicality of infinity.

So I have tried to create interesting structures with a keen eye to the details as well as to the whole organic unity at the same time. I have kept it procedurally usable.

It is created in Houdini and rendered in Arnold.



I prefer living in colour.

-David Hockney.

I want to embody this same conviction I have regarding the value of colour, throughout my project. Colours affects our mind by visual richness and also change our very chemical composition of body. A strong red will create a certain body chemistry which is different than a pitch black. Colours can be used to objectively create constructive or objectified emotions or thoughts, spiritual or worldly.

Looking is a kind of pleasure. It takes one out of oneself and lets one think only of what is seen. It happens best in solitude. When there is nothing in the world but you and the object of your attention. I want to convey these strong ideas through my exploration of colours and building a dynamic image.

I have created them using Houdini and Arnold. They are made almost procedurally usable.

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