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Project Cyber Cara

Project Cyber Cara

Thiago Paulino
by thiagopaulino on 1 Jun 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Cyber Cara is a full body cybernetic character rig with a focus on Face Rigging. Developed during my year in Vancouver Film School, the process also involved Design, Modeling, Texturing.

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Cyber Cara was is a full body cybernetic character rig developed during my year in Vancouver Film School that involved Design, Modeling, Texturing, and Rigging.


Starting from the end, FACS based facial rigging was my goal from the beginning of the project. I've always been fascinated by faces and anatomy, and I did my best to test as many systems as possible in this project. 

Below we can see some shots of the FACS Emotions test, Hair Simulation(XGen), Muscle simulation, along with traditional rigging techniques. 

All the content on this page was created during my year in Vancouver Film School.


Some of the results were made possible by the usage of MEL scripts. Some of the systems, such as ribbons, were utilized in many different forms and positions, while their creation is time-consuming. In this case, the scripts helped me create this kind of system in an automated way, making it possible to be applied and tested quickly.


After modeling, texturing and rigging, the rig needed to be presented, demonstrating some of its functionalities. Unmovable was inspired by the photoshoot of Mariano Vivanco for the GQ magazine, and the intention was to place the cyborg in a fashion like environment, using replicas to reinforce the idea that she could be a mass production product.


The whole project would only make sense in Cara Delevingne's likeness was good. For this reason, starting the development, I was focused on filling my anatomy knowledge gaps, and understanding the main shapes of Cara's face. Body proportions and facial proportions were established before the modeling process started.


Using the measurements and the concept art created for the cybernetic body, this first version of the model emerged. Many ideas were considered for using this hairstyle and presenting Cyber Cara in a Ghost in the shell style, yet to keep the project on schedule, a shorter hairstyle was adopted.


One of the reasons I've chosen to go with a robotic was to use some of my background in Industrial Design. My initial assumption was that making and rigging a cybernetic body would be so much easier than making an organic one, and boy I was wrong.

The robotic body took a considerable amount of time, but also helped to understand and simplify the joints of our body.

Initial Design Iterations - Before getting closer to the final idea, these were the initial design explorations, thinking of the easiest possible model to rig.

If you got to this point, thank you for watching (and maybe reading :) ), It as an honor to share my work in this great contest. Good luck to everyone!

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