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We are a professional education institution specifically for CG and VFX (Visual Effects). Our branches are in Seoul and Busan of South Korea. A lot of our graduates are currently working for the top VFX and 3D animation companies in the world. We welcome all the students regardless of the amount of experience that they have. Our systematic education curriculum guides any students who have no previous experience into a CG and VFX professional. If a student already has previous experience, we focus on providing a specialised education of the area that they want. Despite the level of skills that they come with when they enter the school, we want our students to learn practical and comprehensive skills of the CG and VFX field after the programme. SFFS is a perfect school for both beginners and people who already have experience in the field.

Countries: Korea, Republic of

Location: Campus

Industries: Visual Effects

Software: Maya Nuke V-Ray Zbrush


VFX General Class

VFX general class teaches the essential techniques that are most used in the VFX industry field. In this class, you can learn the general fundamental techniques that would be useful in all area of VFX

VFX general class is in total of 27 months program. Here is the breakdown of the modules. Maya foundation – 6 months/ Zbrush – 3 months/ 2D (Adobe) – 3 months/ Composition (Nuke) – 3 months/ Matte painting – 2 months/ FX – 3 months/ Houdini – 6 months/ Character design – 2 months

You can enrol multiple modules at a time. At the fastest, you will be able to graduate in 12 months. When you enrol the program, you have to take both career counselling and enrolling counselling before you find the right modules that you want to register.

We are always recruiting. An average class size is eight to twelve students.

Portfolio Class

Portfolio class is for students who want to make a professional portfolio that suit their aptitude after the regular curriculum. They will have assigned teachers who will supervise and give general guidance in portfolio production. Students can also get help from professional teachers from each field always.

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SF Film School


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