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A Curious Beast

A Curious Beast

Kim min so
by minso on 11 May 2023

Animals that live along the ecosystem look for things left in nature. But the curious beast witnesses waking life and tells the story of living together.

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(The person at the end of the YouTube video and the feather are different tasks.)

a curious beast


+ Scene


The environment brought trees from the speed tree and planted them to suit the feeling of the forest. Leaves and grass stumps were arranged using the Megascan sauce. The stump added details with moss and bark.

The floor scene was optimized using the projection method.

Props / texture

All worked in Maya and textured with Substance Painter.

Tents and Blankets All fabric materials are made by Marvelous Designer.

Character - Red Panda

The meshes and details were made with Zbrush. The texture was added with substance painter, and the fur was completed with yeti.

Red Panda's material was limited. I also worked on collecting data from animals with similar structures as much as possible.

Red Panda - Yeti Node

I added the basic fur and the fine fur to add details.

Character - Butterfly

The butterfly mesh was created by Maya. The texture was added with substance painter For fur, I used the same Yeti as the Red Panda.

Butterfly - Yeti Node

For the butterfly, I put the basic fur and wings separately.

Thank you for watching!

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