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I was about to start my studies in chemical engineering when a friend of my brother told me about a college where you could study 3D animation, I didn´t even know this was an option. I´ve always loved animation, films and videogames, when I was 8 I used to make stop-motion lego films, and so I decided to study animation.

Empecé a darme cuenta que el mundo del 3d era mi pasión nada mas ver los dibujos animados de Pixer. De ay aprendí a utilizar programas de 3D y adentrarme en el mundo de la infoarquitectura 3D

Since I was a little kid, you could see me with a pencil on my hand, so basically I grow up drawing and loving all art mediums. As I got older, I discovered that there was more than the traditional media, and also I got to know video games, so... I went straight to 3D modeling and really loved it! So here I am!

Since I was little I discovered that my passion was painting. Since then I have always wanted to work in the art world, but I had never been clear about how. Until a few years ago I discovered the world of Concept Art and Modeling, which I loved and wanted to discover.

Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to study something related to the video game industry, since playing video games was my biggest hobby. Therefore, once I got the chance to go to college I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could about their development. There, I fell in love with animation and 3D modelling, which led me to, study once more, and finally deciding my own path into the industry. This path is 3D modelling and sculpting.

I knew I wanted to work in something related to the audiovisual media since an early age. After I finished my colllege degree I realized what I truly love design characters and the worlds they live in so I decided to study a master's degree in Concept Art and I regret nothing about that choice.

Since I started playing videogames, either AAA or indies, I started developing the urge of be a part of the industry, to be able to create new experiences for players.

I first found out about the entertainment industry while watching making-of documentaries on Men in Black, Jurassic Park and Alien, back when I was about 8 years old. I saw these before I'd even watched the movies, so the first time I saw the movies I already knew all the amazing things the vfx crews had done to bring them to life. I knew I had to do the same! As for videogames, I've been playing and admiring them ever since I can remember. Worldbuilding is my passion, in any way shape or form.

I am an architect. As I finished my architecture degree I started working in an architecture studio. It was only 6 months later that I realised what I really wanted: to become an archviz artist and to make it a living from it. I've always had that artisic skill, I also love painting and photography.

From a young age I was always interested in art. Comic Books and Video Games were what inspired me to step into the field of concept art. Since I had spent my whole life indulging and practicing my skills I thought, "Why not try?" and I found a new passion in bringing others ideas into reality.

I've always liked to draw since school, but when I really realized what I really wanted to do, it was when I started studying videogames.

Some years ago when my name were becoming a bit famous over the internet thanks to my illustrations

When I started studying for my degree, I realized that I really enjoy doing personal modeling projects and always learning new programs.

I have always been a huge fan of videogames, and, as I grew up, I realized I wanted to know more about them, how they were made, especially in the visual aspect. This was around when I was 16 years old approximately, and by the time I had to decide a career, I was determined on studying videogame design, which was something quite new here in Spain.

When I first thought about playing a videogame but couldn't find the one I was looking for, I thought it was time to create it

I've been playing consoles since I was a little child and when I was at high school, I studied arts. Since then, I've felt the urge to create content based on the videogames and art that I grew up with.

I completed a degree in fine arts, making a more professional contact with the world of art. Since then, I discovered that what I really liked was the world of concept art, character design and digital art.

I decided to start in the audiovisual world when I was 17 years old. I liked creating stories and I thought I could dedicate myself to it. I continued my studies at the UPV in the Fine Arts degree, there I met Concept Art and I thought it was my thing.

A few years ago I started working in animation studios but in stop motion ones. At the same time, I learned 3D to move my sculpture skills to 3D.

All my live I've wanted to work in videogames, as a concept artist since I was just a kid, but I did't have the opportunity. I started by collecting images through the internet and admiring all the art that was created for my favorite videogames and companies and studios. I studied graphic desing in Colombia, by I ended dropping out, I wanted to draw, to paint, to follow my passion and not be another designer like everyone over there, just creating flyers and working in a dull office.