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Hernan Herrera
Hernan Herrera

Hernan Herrera


To create new worlds, creatures, characters in many universes, to see my art be used in this media that I love so much. to keep improving.

All my live I've wanted to work in videogames, as a concept artist since I was just a kid, but I did't have the opportunity. I started by collecting images through the internet and admiring all the art that was created for my favorite videogames and companies and studios. I studied graphic desing in Colombia, by I ended dropping out, I wanted to draw, to paint, to follow my passion and not be another designer like everyone over there, just creating flyers and working in a dull office.

Learning: Voxel School

Skills: Adobe Photoshop

Expertise: Concept Art & Illustration

  • Leveled up to Debut N/A
  • Leveled up to Player May 30, 2022
  • Leveled up to Contender TBD
  • Leveled up to Rookie TBD
  • Pro TBD

Current Education

Voxel School
Class of 2022