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University College of Digital Arts

Voxel School, University College of Digital Arts, was created as a cross-cutting model of communication within areas of key importance for Digital Economy: the videogame sector, animation, VFX, Architectural Visualization and design, all of them in their different dimensions. The institution is managed by professionals from the entertainment industry, videogames, cinema, VFX, and new technologies heavily connected to university management and training for more than a decade. Voxel School aims to be a useful tool for the society in developing new areas in the field of digital arts, aligned with the current working scenario. To achieve its goals, the school focuses on recruiting top teaching professionals as well as on providing a high-performance experience to their students. The University School has significant strategic partnerships to connect university and industry. In addition to other top players in the industry, the partnership with Sony PlayStation Iberia for teaching university studies sets the standard, which ensures joint work for the integration of Voxel School students in the professional environment of the videogame. Since 2016 Voxel School is an Associated Center of the Complutense University of Madrid for the delivery of its own university graduate degrees and is a recognised academic institution part of Deusto University as well.

Countries: Spain

Location: Online Campus

Industries: 3D Animation Visual Effects Game Design & Development Concept Art & Illustration Architectural Visualisation Product Visualisation Motion Graphics Immersive Media Graphic Design Other

Software: 3ds Max Adobe Creative Suite Arnold Houdini Marvelous Designer Maya ZBrush

Programs: Bachelor Degree Masters

Certifications: Houdini Certified School Autodesk Trainer Adobe Certified Trainer Unreal Academic Partner Unreal Authorized Training Center Toon Boom Authorized Training Centre


Flavio Díaz
Carla Navarro
Sara Garcia Marin
Axel Alba López Morcillo



Digital Animation

The University Degree in Digital Animation at Voxel School is an accredited 4-year university degree that trains the best professionals in three dimensions; artistic, creative, and technological, adapting them to the fast evolution in the media industry and making them the most complete professional profiles, capable to manage media projects in each of its different stages and mastering the proper tools.

Digital Art and Design for Video Games

The Degree in Digital Art and Design for Video Games prepares students to become the best professionals specialized in the different skills required by digital artists in video games: art, storytelling, technology, and production. They acquire highly specialized training but with a holistic approach that enables them to take part in the different stages in the video game development process, from conceptualization to technical and technological developments, to its publication and sales. This degree stands out for its innovative approach, aligned with the future trends.

Graphic design and Motion Graphics

Voxel School’s Degree in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics prepares the students to become professionals who can create, develop, and realize ideas, concepts, and images in communication projects. Voxel School offers a revision of design education from a digital & multimedia approach. Voxel School provides a holistic view of the core areas of traditional graphic design and expands to the new formats of visual communication and digital design. Thus, it presents an innovative approach aligned with future trends in a context in which new formats are transforming the entertainment industry, as well as the visual communication and culture.

Compositing, Post-production and VFX

Voxel School’s Degree in Composition, Postproduction and Visual Effects aims to prepare its students as experts in the design and creation of VFX in audiovisual and interactive productions. Due to the high demand for this field in the media industry, studying this degree students will master the latest technical, technological and production skills focused on editing, compositing and the integration of visual effects used in the professional production.

The bachelor’s degree aims to teach how to overcome the challenges and to master all the stages in an audiovisual production with special focus on methodologies, technologies, and innovative work environments. They will perform an intense hands-on activity during the 4 years, linked to the working reality of the industry.


At Voxel School’s Master’s Degree programs, students work according to the same methodologies used by professional game studios supervised by faculty members who are professionals from leading game studios.

  • MA PlayStation Talents in Marketing, Communication and Videogame Production
  • MA Digital Art for Videogames
  • MA Digital Sculpture

Cinema and advertising

Voxel School has developed this area to provide students with skills to manage all the phases of an audiovisual project with a particular focus on innovative methodologies, technologies, and work environments, with a strong emphasis on the projects.

  • MA Digital Animation
  • MA VR & Architectural visualization
  • MA VFX
  • MA Motion Graphics
  • Design & Illustration

The design and illustration area embraces all the creative skills that require the use of digital techniques for storytelling. This area provides a highly specialized training in the field of design and art direction for creative projects, both in digital and traditional illustration, as well as comic book techniques.

MA Comic & publishing illustration

  • MA Concept Art
  • MA Art direction & creative advertising

Voxel school is the pioneer and leader in advanced training in AAA game art.

  • Modeling and Texturing of Weapons & Vehicles for AAA Video Games
  • Modeling and Texturing of Environments & Props for AAA Videogames
  • Character Modeling & Texturing for AAA Video Games
  • Technical VFX Artist for AAA Videogames
  • VFX production
  • Lighting and rendering for animation and VFX


These programs are an intensive education designed to cultivate optimal conditions for students to build portfolios that unlock opportunities with leading companies.

A hands-on experience during the program, where the student will tackle the professional design and development of three projects within a practical case.

These personalized mentorship programs are provided by accomplished artists with a wealth of experience in top-tier international productions.

  • Professional Mentorship Program in Concept Art
  • Professional Mentorship Program in Character Animation
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Voxel School
Voxel School


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