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I've loved both Art and video games for as long as I can remember. Somewhere around high school, I started to show interest in how games are made, I was really curious to understand how exactly can one make such amazing things that don't exist in the real world. And after that, as it often happens, curiosity transformed into attraction, and finally, complete dedication to being part of the game industry.

Games like Animal Crossing sparked my interest from a young age in colorful worlds that are interactive. I have a huge passion for stylized visuals and fantasy themes, which I mostly focus my 3D works on. Since early 2017, I began to dive deeper into 3D and self-studied Blender. While going to university, I dedicated my free time to learning new workflows, while also working for studios such as Square Enix, Airborn Studios and Monomi Park. Currently, I work full-time at Airship Syndicate.

Hi there, I'm Kosan and I've been doing 3D Art since 2015 and I am currently studying at the Cologne Game Labs. I love all aspects of game development, although I am specialized in doing props and environments. Besides game development, I have also done an internship as a 3D generalist doing visualization, graphic design and retouching for an advertising agency in Düsseldorf.

I grew up in a very creative house. Therefore I always had my hands on paint and canvas; but also on new software. Still in High School I started trying myself on subjects like photography, photoshop and graphic design. I found my way into digital painting when I was in my teens and a little later into the world of 3D.

My journey towards a creative career began as a child with a pen and paper. Drawing followed me through the years of school till I had to confront the big question on how to make a living. I always identified myself with the craft and was a stong believer in following one's own passions despite all the hurdles to overcome. Adding to that, I found much comfort in video games and have ever been inspired to work artistically in the entertainment industry.

When I was about 16 years old I realised that I wanted to work in a creative field. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. In the beginning, I believed that I wanted to become a graphic designer or something similar. However, I realized after a few years that my true passion is video games as well as animation films and from there I started learning Blender.

When I've seen some behind the scene of my favorite games and movies ( like LOTR , Metal Gear Solid ...)

When I played story-driven video games for the first time, I knew that I wanted to create interactive experiences that has stories to tell. Since I was a little kid, I kept dreaming about concepts, themes, and stories for video games. I was always affected most by stories told through interactive methods, and that is why I want to tell stories through video games.

I got fascinated with the entertainment industry since a child, watching 3D animation movies in front of the TV. After university and messing around with 3D software, I found my passion and I decided to take my path seriously.

From a very young age, I have been passionate about fantastic creatures, animated films, and short films. I was interested in directing advertising spots and illustration, which I developed strongly in 2007 during my Bachelor's degree in graphic design at Universidad del Norte, Colombia. Shortly after that, my experience led me to learn 3D art on my own. With a strong interest in animation, visual effects, and traditional art, I developed a new career path where I could integrate all my passions

I always have ideas in my mind and my medium was painting but gradually I noticed that not all of my ideas can be depicted by painting. I needed movement. so I was conveyed in animation. so now I design concepts and anything in the pre-product stage and 3D modeling.

Although I was creative since I was little, following this passion took me the urge for a career change from the office. I grew up with games and hold them dear, and in 2019 I started my studies at Cologne Game Lab. After starting out with Concept Art, I found my love for stylized Environments! My art is inspired by the likes of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon or Sea of Thieves. I strive to create vibrant and interesting worlds, and to learn from the incredible talents around me.

Animation, games, and things in between- it offers us fascinating worlds with tons of possibilities, and there *needs* to be more! I wanted to create cool characters, cool worlds, explore concepts with creative people who are also passionate about it, and see where it goes that none of us could have expected.

Being in love with games like Bioshock, Kingdom Hearts and Dishonored and also being passionate about the art and craft of visual story-telling, I started self-studying and diving into the world of 3D at the end of 2019. I was immediately drawn to stylized environments and loved the idea of creating new and exciting worlds for people to walk around in. Next to my studies, I've had the opportunity to freelance and do an internship which made me even more excited to be a part of the industry.

Like many, I got into games as a young kid. Once my dad and brother let me watch them playing games, I got hooked. Years after, I got accepted to study Game Art. Since then, there was no stopping me on becoming an animator!

Unfortunately,only after spending 5 years to get a degree in Architecture. As soon as I started to work in the industry I realized that this field wasn't for me. It was too limiting for my imagination. What I wanted was to create crazy, larger than life spaces and I realized I could do it digitally. So I that is when I got into 3D modelling and games development.

Since childhood.