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After school, I started studying Game Engineering in Kempten but quickly switched to Animation & Game in Darmstadt after one year to go more into the digital art direction. During my Bachelors there, I dipped my toes into the VFX Industry while interning at TRIXTER VFX. After graduating, I am doing my diploma at Filmakademie Ludwigsburg to further expand my skillset into the animation & VFX direction.

I have always enjoyed playing video games but never thought of making a career out of it as I just enjoyed them as a consumer. However, I started learning to make simple vfx in After Effects. But when I found I could create them in real-time in a game engine and see the player interact with what I have created, that was it for me. So I decided to embark on a multi-year journey of working with shaders and particle systems in order to becoming a professional real-time vfx artist.

In high school, I took different media and design courses, but the course about filmmaking was the one; I was interested in the most. The first film I wanted to know how it was made was the Stop-Motion film "Corpse Bride" — followed by VFX films like "Avatar" and "The Hobbit". A course at my university taught me about stylized Character Animation, and I fell in love with characters and performances.

With my family I went to the movies and saw "finding nemo".

When I saw Finding Nemo as a kid, my interested and excitement for cinema had its first spark. It took me several years, until I was 14 years old, to realise that I want to work in film as a profession. Through my education I found my way to Animation & Visual Effects.

At the age of 12 I got in contact with 3DsMax and started to play around with it on my own. I was fascinated by the idea that I could build anything I wanted in the computer. Back then I thought I was goingt to be an architect. But with the time I was more and more fascinated with Animation, storytelling and computergenerated images. After college I started to study information technology but quickly switched to study Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Back when the internet was still filled with small flash cartoons I discovered that this might actually be something I could do for a living!

When I was in 10th grade and drew everywhere possible.

Ever since I saw Ghibli movies in my childhood, I wanted to work in film. I wanted to bring the feeling and motivation that these films gave me to others with my own projects and create fantastic worlds and characters. After studying "Economics and Business Administration", I started into the film industry as an production intern. 2019 I applied for "Producing" at Filmakademie and since 2021 I am studying "Animation / Effects Producing" at Animationsinstitut.

I grew up in a story-teller family where Grocery Shopping was described as the biggest adventure. I watched many series and films and understood early that I want to learn how to make them. I was 17 when I did my first internship in a German TV Series as a 2nd AD. After that, I was in love. I helped out in different student projects in various departments and my first location manager job in a student project showed me my passion for producing. After that I applied at Filmacademy and got in.

I realised it right in shool. Not film or animation directly, but I wanted to find something where i can combine my love for balleydance and drawing. Animation is the perfekt world to unfold exactly that.

Since I was little I realized being creative isn't something I liked, it is something I need to do to express myself. As I was little I was sketching, painting, creating comics and stories and didn't stop since!

Even as a child I was connected to the medium of film, telling my own stories and worlds. But when I saw films like Jurassic Park, I really wanted to know how they did it and how I could create my own worlds

when I was 12 and opend Blender!

Since forever. It started with the creation of little comic books as a kid. After getting lots of positive feedback from my viewers on my YouTube channel, I decided I could maybe pursue a career in film and animation.

The call was always there - I couldn't ignore it

As a child I always enjoyed watching films and diving into different worlds. However, I decided to work in the creative industries when I started making films on my own and realized, how fulfilling it is, to create something, that makes other people happy.

I was always passionate about art since I was very little. I think I picked up a pen before I started to talk.

I grew up in the Theatre and maybe therefore always wanted to work in a creative job. Animation came to me when I realized as a kid that those characters in the movies are actually drawn and not real.

I first realized my passion for the creative industry at a young age when I started making animated shorts. The ability to evoke emotion, convey messages and spark imagination through the medium of animation resonated deeply with me and fueled my desire to contribute to the vibrant world of the creative industries.

Already in school, i loved to draw and being creative. Soon I discovered my passion for film and 3D Animation.

I grew up in a family of creatives. My father is a painter, my mother a graphic designer, so I got an early education in the visual art. When I was 10 I discovered a second passion of mine - making music. A medium to combine the two was easily found, so I started to get my fingers into the craft of animation. And now I'm here.