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A dutiful knight

A dutiful knight

by Johanna Roth, Leon Monschauer, Mitja Öhm, Sebastian Klauke, and dimosthenis on 31 May 2019

A dutiful knight is a game focusing on decisions and their consequences in medieval Dethos. Play Sir Drewitt, who was once the pride of the Kingsguard, but now just a former knight visiting his home and get drawn into the political intrigues of the local parties.

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A dutiful Knight is a PC side-scrolling game about decisions and consequences they may have. The player is a knight in a place similar to England 1245 A.C. called Dethos, who came back after being absent for a long time. The entirety of decisions the player makes in this kingdom lead to the next heir of the throne.

A dutiful Knight was one of my graduation projects at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

The game consists of four levels in total:

-Intro level Tavern (The Handyshield Inn, first picture)

-First level Villages (Harlow rural areas, second & third picture)

-Second level City (Capital Celbridge, fourth picture)

-Third level (End level) Castle (Castle Dimfell, fifth picture)

Every level works as an episode of the complete story and has a rich background story as well as detailed decision trees for all the different paths a player can follow.

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